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Thread: Idea for a new type of servers.

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    Default Idea for a new type of servers.

    I suggest you make sort of "race-servers".
    No, not race as in, only african americans can enter.
    Race as in, the server runs for say 6 months, it is faster than the normal ones.
    Now, being that it would most likely become very popular, I suggest you make it so in order to enter, you have to pay a symbolic ammount, say 1 or 2 dollars.
    Also, without a player cap, this type of servers wouldnt work.

    I got this idea from playing the AGE2 beta world, it was much faster than the normal one, people got free coins, and most of all, it was fun.

    The idea of these "race-servers" is to see, who can get to the highest either Honor or Prestige or even both.
    Now, being that this is a race-server, there wouldn't be any coin buying, there would be coins given to everyone when a new day starts, just like in the Beta world. This is to make it as equal as possible.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Feedback? Yes/No?
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    I think this or something quite similar has been suggested an x amount of times before.
    I myself would not be interested.

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    Not gonna happen not profitable enough for evony.


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    Most prestige/honor.. - No..

    Most enemy troops killed (seperate awards for all troops)... Then that might be an idea that people might like/.

    Possibly the entrance price might have to be put up quite a lot to try and offset the cost of running the server... (Maybe up to $10/$20)...
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    sounds boring...hey guys lets go play that new server and hit lvl 10s with a lvl 1 th all day long!

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    The basic idea sounds good but the whole prestige/honor idea doesnt sound all that great because its easy to pres farm once you build enough troops
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    Sounds like an Evony Tournament.

    Pay to Enter,
    Set start time,
    No unfair advantages (Extra coins),
    Time Limit,
    Prizes for winners,
    One state, free for all.

    Evony makes Profit, Winning players get prizes (Maybe coins for their server).

    Prizes can go for:
    Most enemy troops killed
    Highest troop count at the end
    Most honor at the end

    (Just an added suggestion)

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    Concepts like this have been suggested many times. Unfortunately Evony has said they will not charge people to play/enter a server.

    Also, repeat suggestions aren't allowed.
    Thread closed.

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