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Thread: Nemesis vs H0bbit

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    realistically when you have millions of each troop in your city it is hard to actually defend. in honesty he just put a load of troops in a city and it just took equal troops to match it just looked like an opportunity to cap a ton of nice heros. Not really impressed by the attacking or the defending cd'ing with all those mechs was a bad idea may 5k with an instant abatis hero would be more fun u had the scouts to cover the bombs maybe more rams and try to time em in and out altho that would be tough against 7 people.

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    yea pretty much what i was saying cept u didnt need to cover with rams cuz they were sending all bad mechs lol

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    idk you tell me...


    wow Im most attcks Dey sent 100k+ Troops And Killed Less Then 5k REALLY BAD HITS

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    were all 7 of these people around 1 to 2 miles away or spread out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamme View Post
    were all 7 of these people around 1 to 2 miles away or spread out?
    Check first page of thread.

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    cush has a point... and he is right

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    2 1 mile
    1 1.4 mile
    1 2 mile
    1 2.2 mile

    5 players whcih they chnaged around, so 7 players all up, and always had 7-9 citys they were using all at once

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    we didnt send 190 mech waves.... maybe 10 each while he had 6 mill archers we took out 4 mill before he saved the rest.... second day failed mechs was 1 from each city with mech killers behind it.. where are all the mech killer reports??.. second day was about 20 minutes of attacking before the target truced again after losing another 100k balista or so which has undoubtedly been replaced already ... onto round 3 .

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    You.. seven had a battle, get over it and stop crying that so and so botted. It drags this thread right down from showing off the talent, skill and a lot of dead troops to looking like three year old girls fighting over a barby doll.

    Hacker has shown courtesy:
    "Hobbit is among the best defenders on ss60"
    "Hobbit is one of the top players on ss60. great defender. great attacker."
    Now please do the same.

    Now Acer has put the warning out:
    "Anymore petty squabbling between anyone and this thread is getting closed and all parties infracted. This is the only warning.

    So if you are still P* and think that hacker is a botter then file a complaint at the helpdesk to evony.
    end of my rant

    Now also thank you to h0bbit for showing some of the defense reports and some of the not so good hits that nemesis sent against you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by .H0bbit View Post
    h0bbit = best defender on forums

    the defense was legend.
    thats what you call a battle
    too good ;D.

    so basically it was 200+ v.s 1 lolz.
    thats good defense.

    Have Fun . with that hero you should take around a few days to get it back,
    and you must of gotten loads of exp.

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