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Thread: less than full res on attacks

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    Default less than full res on attacks

    If I attack a player city that has more resources than I have transports to take, I send all transports and workers I have and I do not get back the amount of res that should be carried, It is quite a bit less than max. If I keep sending to the city, I will eventually get all of it. These cities are inactive, some were very close and some over 40 miles. If the transports are enough to carry all the res, I get a full load, if there is more res than that I do not get a full load.

    I have this on 2 different servers. All my techs are lvl 10.

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    happens to me as well.

    submit a help spot ticket.

    also.....send only rams with your trans, i find this helps. example : 200 rams 5000 trans


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    I also see it when I send more transporters than the victim has resources and it brings back only a tiny fraction (and no warehouses involved). It is annoying.


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