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Thread: Age2 Advanced & Thorough Battle Mechanics(Long)

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    Default Age2 Advanced & Thorough Battle Mechanics(Long)

    -By "Unit" i mean any amount of a troop, could be 1 or 100000
    -I assume all lv10 techs for battles, but most of this still applies
    - Combined attack = Attack * No of troops in unit
    -CD = Compact Defence (I go into this)
    -5k Defence = Defence with 5.2k range setters(I go into this)
    Basic Concept
    The range of the battle starts at largest unit BASE range +200. So if Archers are highest,1500 range, if Ballista 1600, if Pults 1700. In most of your attacks the enemy will have traps/abatis/defensive trebuchet. These have 5000 range and therefore set the range of the battle to start at 5200.

    The battle plays out in "rounds". In each round, it works like this
    Units Move -> Units Attack -> Wall defences attack
    When moving, units move based on speed eg in the first round of an attack against npc attacking cavalry move from 5200 range- 3700 range (cav have 1500 speed with lv10 HBR).An important thing to remember is that units move in the order of how fast they are, if there is a tie eg if both sides have cavalry the defender moves first. If a unit encounters another unit in its path before moving its max, it will "bump" meaning it will stop there and attack.

    However, Units do not always move, and this is where it starts getting complicated. All units apart from archers will move at the start of the round,and will attack the highest priority target when its their turn to. Apart from archers. They are
    unique in the fact that if there is ANY unit in there range, they will "stand and shoot" meaning they wont move at all and will shoot at the highest priority target in there range when the round reaches that stage. Each unit can only attack ONE unit per round, which makes small layering effective and is the reason the Archer rainbow can be so deadly.

    Key note: When defending, ranged units gain a bonus to their range, 4.5% per Walls level.


    Ranged and non ranged units prioritise differently. for ranged its like this

    ATs->Highest combined attack ranged unit->If no ranged, fastest melee unit.
    As said before, they will attack the highest priority unit in range(but wont move to get to a higher priority unit)
    Melee units simply attack the highest combined-attack enemy unit

    So, once all units have had a chance to move, the attacks start, again ordered by speed. Each unit will attack the highest

    priority unit in range. The number of damage done to the enemy unit depends on a number of things that depend on a number of things Combined attack of unit, life of defending unit, defence of defenting unit, techs, hero stats, leadership etc

    Once every unit who could have attacked attacks, the WD get their turn and then the round ends.Key note: archer damage depends on how far the enemy unit is. If 51-100% of arch range, damage is 50%, If 1-50% range its 100% damage, if 0 range(melee) 25% damage.all troops get to attack in a round they started- Say you had 20k cav against 10k arch in a valley fight. The cav move first, reach the archers. Archers dont move. cav attack first and almost certainly kill all the arch.(Again those dependants)all the arch still get to attack however for that round,then they are gone.

    Wall defences

    After troop movement and attack, Wall defences attack. Traps,Abatis,DTs all autokill units, destroying a fraction of them every round and spreading the damage across attacking troops. Logs are a bit unkown, they seem to work like T/A/D but only have 1300 range and supposeldy have "life". Traps affect Infantry and HB units, abatis HB only, logs Infantry/HB, DTs Infantry/HB/Mechanics. ATs are quite different, they do not autokill but act like a stationary troop instead, with life and attack. They have a base range of 1300(100 more than archers) and as soon as enemy units come in range they fire on them. ATs awesome life, Non autokill and the ability to attack round after round withut being touched in a 5k defence, or soak up attacks like a sponge allowing archers to get many free shots in in a CD makes them them the preffered defence in most player cities, But inclusion of T/A/D is crucial for setting the range of the battlem

    Transporters and scouts do not move in an attack until all other attacking units are dead
    When defending, do not move at all
    However, Scouts have some uses when attacking
    Scout Bomb- Because of theyre insane speed(6000 at lv10 compass) they travel the battlefield and attack the highest combined attack unit. Usually multiple waves used to take out archers.
    If you are hitting a CD, and your main force is not ranged(warr bomb,Cav/Phract hit,Ram hit etc)they are useful as a layer because they are the fastest unit and are in range of enemy archers when hitting a CD, they buy your main melee force(s) an extra round by distracting archers

    First step of any attack, simply dont attack without a v recent scout report on the city(preferably <1min before attack hits). When your attacks on an enemy consist of multiple waves you are going to want a scout report between waves. IF there gates are open your scouts will fight theirs for information. If you kill <10%, no info at all. If you kill 10%+ but lose, you will see a battle report between the scouts. If you win you will gain info on the city depending on your informatics and beacon tower.The second important piece info you get is whether theyre gates are closed or open because if they are closed there will be no battle report at the bottom of scout report

    Defence Guide
    A 5k Defence is where you have a 5k range setter(Trap,Abatis,DT)compact Defence is where you have none of these
    5200 defence
    Great when online
    Can defend ANY singular attacks with next to no losses
    As long as range kept at 5k and at least 1 of each layer they splat Cav/Phract hits and basically any non ranged hit
    protects ATs and ranged units pretty well
    allows full use of the defender ranged bonus
    Much weaker when offline
    Cav in a 5k defense are useless
    huge range allows attacking ranged plenty of shots to take out your layers that will have strayed too far.
    Rainbow effective at wiping layers
    Traps/Abatis can be spammed while offline to eliminate
    Once 5k setters and layers gone, very open to cav/phract/jaq hit
    Example 5k defence with lv10 walls
    15k AT
    3.5k Abatis
    3k Trap

    Compact Defence
    Good defence when offline
    easy to switch to 5k when online to splat attacks
    takes more troops to break when offline than 5k defence
    ATs are used as a sponge to absorb enemy ranged damage giving your ranged free shots on anybody,since they are in range of everything from start
    Layers protected from rainbows/mech hits
    utilises massive AT life
    effective against rainbow
    Ram hits cause massive damage
    Cannot defend any hit with next to no losses when online(so you switch)
    If layers wiped, jaq attack/cav hit can decimate archers and ATs
    Example Compact Defence with lv10 walls
    18.3k ATs

    When online, its often best to switch your defence/move out certain troops depending on whats coming to minimize losses. In the Counter part of this Attack index ill tell you how

    Attack Index
    What? All arch + 100-2000 of each infantry layer(Sometimes Rams,Phract included. Cavs also to get rid of Abatis)
    Descr:The Most common attack in evony because its easy, relatively cheap and when used correctly, incredibly effective, If you read the rest of this guide you hopefully understand how it works, by delaying enemy units a round as they take out your small layers 1 at a time, you buy your archers a bunch of free shots at the enemy
    -On 5k defence, clear layers and possibly ranged(depending on strength of city)
    -On CD, take out Ats( Not recomended, 18k ATs will take multiple rainbows to wipe)

    How to Counter
    Best Way- 5k defence, Move out all non ranged except for 100 of each infantry layer. This is what happens- Enemy arch keep moving forward until they hit pikes, then in the next 4 rounds they will be standstill attacking 1 layer at a time. With the WD bonus(walls need to be 9/10 preferably) your arch will come into range and get at least 1 free shot on the attacking arch thile they are out of range of your arch. You definately want to 1 shot the attacking archers, but 2 shot is ok.When done correctly, the only thing that dies is 100 of those layers and a few traps, saving you up to hundreds of thousands of layers.
    Next best- Standard CD, A archers will get minimal shots at ATs, killing a fraction of them, and then your ranged will kill them all, preferably in 1 round for less ATs lost
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    What?100k Scout
    Descr: scouts have 6000 speed at lv10 compass, therefore can travel the entire field as the first unit to move. They will move since they are the only attacking unit. They target the highest combined attack unit. Usually used to kill arch as they are hard to get to in a 5k defence, and arch are weak on defence. 100k of these can kill ~20k arch(depends a lot on att hero), not exactly a fair trade but if u can hit the defence with a couple mill of these cheap troops you take out a lot of arch, making other attacks easier
    How To Counter
    5k Defence.Set up defence so swordsman/warriors have highest combined attack(move these in, movve out arch etc), therefore scouts will target them.
    Sword have great defence and scouts kill a small fraction of what they would on arch, and who cares about warriors?
    OR you can close gate. But you probably wanna save those ATs, even if they are only killing a few hundred at a time

    Mech Hit
    What? 1k infantry layers with a combination of the mechs. eg 40k pult 40k balls 15k rams 1k worker/warrior/pike/sword/arch
    Descr: One of the most powerful hits in the game. when done right can massacre layers, or wipe enemy ATs and then arch.The mechs have quite a bit more range than archers with lv10 archery for both, helps to make up for the range bonus D archers get from walls.
    Wipe layers in a 5k defence and archers at times, can kill millions of layers without being touched
    Wipe ATs in a CD and possibly some Archers
    How to Counter
    5k Defence.Although the most powerful, its also relatively easy to defend with next to no losses, or none at all.Take out ALL troops and pile your city with Ballista,Pults and as many scouts as you can(scouts to defend against SBs, so you want enough so their combined attack is more than the mechs)may have to take out some mechs to do this.A mechs move forward and forward, enter range of your mechs, but becasue of Wall range bonus you are out of their range, and your mechs have enough free shots on the A mechs(because mechs so slow and take a while to close gap)to wipe them, as long as you have enough mechs ofc. Rams are then killed(were shot at once as they came into range of your Mechs for 1 round before Balls, but once balls came in your mechs range targeted them).

    Jaq Attack
    What?: 1-1k ballista,pults 1k archers, 1k scout(layers need to be bigger if DTs and lots of traps)Rest Cav
    Descr: The mother of all archer killers. To do this you need to rid a city of layers completely(small amount of 1 layer is ok but not ideal)and then completely get rid of T/A/D so its a compact defence. The way it works is the cav move from 1700-200 range in the first round, and 1 shot the small layer if its there(CD remember)but are not targeted because the arch and mechs target the 3 ranged layers before them(assuming enemy has some arch,balls and pults)In the next round the cav get to whichever of those 3 is stronger and start massacreing them. D archers will take out the scout(faster than cav), D mechs will finally hit your arch. This works even better the less mechs the guy has, so theres more cav to hit arch in next round. If the guy has no pults at all,fantastic. the cav reach his arch straight away(cav have 100 range, 1600 of battle-1500 movement)and bash them for 2 rounds untouched as arch and balls take out the 4 layers, next round the cav get another full hit on while arch finally hit them.
    defender has no traps, abatis,DTs and all melee enemy are gone, 1 layer small enough for cav to 1 hit is acceptable but not ideal
    How to counter
    Have 1 of each layer, and 1 trap/abatis to set range to 5200. SPLAT
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    Warrior Bomb
    What? 100k warrior
    Desc: practically useless against cities with reasonable defences but many still use it. Against either defence type the only thing it ever touches is cav/phract before being wiped by arch, easy to move those out as a defender. If you want to clear traps, many small waves is better.
    Uses: can use to wipe v poorly defended cities. Can be used to drop honor and also clear cav.
    How To Counter
    either defence, just take out cav/phract and your archers eliminate them long before they reach your pikes

    Cav Smack
    What? 99k cav, 1k scout
    Descr: Like a jaq attack but much faster, however not as effective
    Uses: Like jaq, clear arch and mechs in a CD with no layers. Ideally you want no catapults for this, so your cavs reach there arch round 1. If the defender has a good amount of mechs they can nullify this attack as mechs 1 shot cav, even when offline.
    How to Counter
    Same as jaq. at least 1 trap and at least 1 of each layer, so range starts at 5200 and cav stop for each of those layers as youre arch hit em

    I will continue to add to the Attack index, so just tell me if you want to see something else in there or you think im wrong

    My opinions
    -I like the CD when offline, ive got a life so aint on 24/7 and CD is much stronger offline, plus people dont really know how to take one down. When im online with incomings ill usually change to 5k and set up defence to annihilate the attacks with lowest losses
    -When attacking 5k Defence, you can either try completely rid them of layers with rainbows, then get rid of T/A, so they have no layers and are now running a CD.Jaq attack time!
    that takes a lot of attacks and usually more than one member, attacks also have to be coordinated well and defender offline. Other method is rainbows with correct layers to achieve tradefire with defending archers.

    AeroCalc is a fantastic tool to help with battles, it simulates attacks with great accuracy and is helpful both when trying to take down a city and figuring out the best defence to set up

    If you have any questions, queries, requests, things in here you think are wrong, things you think are missing please Message me on here
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    Have read the first and second post, and this is great so far, well explained and simple to understand, well done.

    rep given


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    Very good guide. I will use this along with a couple others when planning battles. +rep
    NA19 forever

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    Great work and awesome guide, definitely one too gm in alliance.
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    Brilliant guide, +rep
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    Great guid , now I have a place to send noobs that ask to many questions
    No more servers.. Ive finally quit :cheer:

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    the biggest and really only important aspect from your generalizations is the difference between STARS/gear.

    Don't underestimate warrior bombs. You say they're useless but I bet I've killed more from warrior bombing than you ever will achieve

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    your defense advice on the 5k is pretty weak. It's understandable if no one knows how to attack on your server. But 15k ATs is a joke. Laughing! And why switch from 5k to CD when you go to sleep? wasting not only resources, but time to rebuild 5k walls on (up to) 10 cities.

    The only defense advice anyone could ever offer is (1) hope your attacker(s) is/are dumb. (2) have more archers over heal rate loss. (3) be online!


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