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    Many people start playing Evony through Facebook, and later find themselves wishing they had a way to login directly. I contacted Evony's customer service about this issue and the response I got sounded scary and dangerous which meant I just put up with the situation for another 6 months. Here's an illustrated guide to making an evony direct login for an account that already has a facebook login! I've done this for at least a dozen people now so they can chose how they login!

    1. You have an account with only a facebook log in.

    2. go to and log log out and then Click to play. You should see this screen:

    3. Click that you are a newcomer to create a new account. I suggest you create the account on a DIFFERENT server than the one you play. This way no account will be deleted.

    4. There is a little shield in the top left corner near the gift.

    Click it to logout and save your game. Then enter the email and password to create an evony account with an evony only log in. NOTE: For some reason I seem to have fewer glitches if I at least build a cottage on the noob account before going on. Occasionally I have trouble getting evony to recognize the account I just made and sometimes I need to wait a day.

    5. Log back in to your evony only account. On the server select screen Click to Link to FaceBook.

    6. It will prompt you to sign into facebook. Sign in with your main account's facebook log in.

    7. You will get a menu asking you which account to keep and warning you that the other will be permanently deleted. CHECK TO KEEP THE FACEBOOK CHARACTER (assuming that's your main. I suppose some people may be doing this the other way around and just select the character you want).

    You'll then see this additional warning. Note, in this case NO account was actually deleted since the evony account was not on the same server as the facebook ones!:

    Finally you get confirmation, it is done!

    8. You can now log in either way and it won't harm your existing account!
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