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  • I'd prefer a cap on how many alliances I can join in a 72 hour period

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Thread: Developer Chat: Reducing Alliance Rejoin Cool Down

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    Default Developer Chat: Reducing Alliance Rejoin Cool Down (UPDATE)

    I seriously liked it before i dont think we should have a cooldown at all. what if someone gets an accidental boot? then where do they go for 72 hours? they probably get attacked or something else. its not cool to add this. TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    Default Developer Chat: Reducing Alliance Rejoin Cool Down

    In reviewing the feedback from players, I'd like to ask your opinions on the following:

    For the cool down timer trigger which currently is set at 72 hours, if we modified and reduced this to only 24 hours, how would this affect you and/or your alliance?

    I've read already about your troubles in trying to strategise against other alliances, your desire to help one another in passing heroes and cities, checking loyalty, etc. I appreciate that many have strong views on this, but please try to give some valuable feedback here and work with me in this discussion. Please do not post images/derail/one sentence posts.

    I am looking for examples (paragraph, perhaps bullet points) on how reducing to 24 hours could improve/further upset the situation as it stands now. This discussion is currently not specific about removing the cool down. Just reducing from 72 hours to 24 hours.

    So here is how you can vote:
    • I like it better than 72 hours. With this, you're saying that 24 hours seems more reasonable than 72 hours.
    • I do not like the reduction of hours. With this, you're saying you want to keep it to 72 hours.
    • I'd prefer a cap on how many alliances I can join in a 72 hour period. With this you are saying you can drop and rejoin, but with a cap limit before a cool down hits.

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    This would Help In situations where the person leaving the alliance would be gone for 24 hours or more anyways. Situations where they were 1. Joining another alliance to coordinate extended attacks, 2. Joining another alliance due to minimum holiday restrictions in their normal alliance, or 3. Leaving the alliance for disciplinary purposes.

    This would not effect the major points of concern most people are bringing up, IE dropping prestige to avoid being quite litterally un-helpable, transfering cities and/or heroes between alliance members or smaller players contributing resources to the larger and more active players.

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    for what its worth here is my 2 cents

    i have played for a long time with a 8 month gap between returning(college work prevailed)

    but i have put many many hrs in evony and a few dollars too
    but it seems the better you are /the more you play the more you are penalised .
    but this isn`t about me so ill try to be constructive here.

    has a big player who was put thousands of hrs in evony i do try to pass that knowledge on to new players and offer help and advice and protection i might add also to new players .
    anybody just starting out needs protecting by being in a good alliance or even bad one ,without that support /backup they will not survive and ultimately drift away from the game .
    so for me the ability to drop and help /drop and swop out citys was a viable way to actually help.
    (i wished i had that type of help when i started )

    i have to say i am one of the people thats kept this game alive so long by keeping playing but you are making it so hard to play and enjoy the game im beginning to wonder is it really worth it anymore , i have several friends whove played alongside me for a long time left/leaving due to recent ongoing changes from you guys .

    it will be sad but my time is coming also i believe
    you are continually changing things for the worse !!! not better

    and thats sad for a game ive enjoyed so much playing , made some great friends and socially a great place

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    second post I completely agree with - many of the changes that have been made have been "fixes" to stop players exploiting glitches in the game engine - but were those fixes needed if the exploits actually enhanced the gameplay ?! I started on 133 and later servers have in the main become less fun with each subsequent fix. If a player knew a trick which made them a stronger competitor it enhanced the play not reduced it --- why not set up a server where the original "glitch-included-age1evony" [!] could be played ---I think it would be popular !

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    Ok, the voting should now be fixed. Sorry, we had to create a new thread. Please vote!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalin Athasian View Post
    Ok, the voting should now be fixed. Sorry, we had to create a new thread. Please vote!
    Must be that gypsy dancing latte!

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    there are alot of times we jump from alliance to alliance to help our allies, there should not be a cap on how many alliances we can be in per day...that is our business and not one to be made by Evony, this patch did not fix anything for ageI, it might have fixed something for ageII I myself wouldnt know because I dont play it....but as it goes now I have not got much interest in even playing ageI in its current condition, the things that need fixed we have not seen any improvement on any of them in months, if anything they have gotten worse and when we try to tell someone about them the thread is closed or the forum mods show their smart mouth about them.

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    As a host of an alliance, I have accidentally booted the wrong member before. Any kind of cool down is a hinderance to the running of an alliance. If you feel you MUST put some restrictions on the leaving and returning to alliance, make it something that can be planned around. Such as your option of how many times you can leave alliance. At least with that option a member can decide when they are going to help another one take a city and such. Last night was a mess with alliances working together to flip flats and then being stuck out having to find an alliance to "camp out" in for 3 days. The respect of a heads up would have gone far!

    So, since I am getting the feeling that we have no choice as to have some sort of change, I will definitely be voting for anything that does not have a cool down!

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    Voted thank you and my opinion has been posted since it seems you merged the threads.

    Thanks for the opportunity to voice our opinions and have a good holiday weekend.


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