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Thread: Developer Chat: Reducing Alliance Rejoin Cool Down

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    Default Developer Chat: Reducing Alliance Rejoin Cool Down

    In reviewing the feedback from players, I'd like to ask your opinions on the following:

    For the cool down timer trigger which currently is set at 72 hours, if we modified and reduced this to only 24 hours, how would this affect you and/or your alliance?

    I've read already about your troubles in trying to strategise against other alliances, your desire to help one another in passing heroes and cities, checking loyalty, etc. I appreciate that many have strong views on this, but please try to give some valuable feedback here and work with me in this discussion. Please do not post images/derail/one sentence posts.

    I am looking for examples (paragraph, perhaps bullet points) on how reducing to 24 hours could improve/further upset the situation as it stands now. This discussion is currently not specific about removing the cool down. Just reducing from 72 hours to 24 hours.

    So here is how you can vote:
    • I like it better than 72 hours. With this, you're saying that 24 hours seems more reasonable than 72 hours.
    • I do not like the reduction of hours. With this, you're saying you want to keep it to 72 hours.
    • I'd prefer a cap on how many alliances I can join in a 72 hour period. With this you are saying you can drop and rejoin, but with a cap limit before a cool down hits.

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    Default Developer Chat: Reducing Alliance Rejoin Cool Down (UPDATE)

    I seriously liked it before i dont think we should have a cooldown at all. what if someone gets an accidental boot? then where do they go for 72 hours? they probably get attacked or something else. its not cool to add this. TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    of all the things you could change...alliance hopping was right about the bottom...what you need to do is clarify the rules as the game is NOW for everyone and enforce said rules as you see fit, not change for the sake of change

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    Off topic, please stick to discussion on cool down reduction.

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    Off topic, please stick to discussion on cool down reduction.

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    Off topic from discussion.

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    Default Alternate accounts

    Any change to the alliance dropping/joining that requires a cooldown time is automatically going to cause an increase in alternate accounts.

    Be it 72 hours, 24 hours, or even a few hours.

    As a vice host of an alliance that already strongly discourages alternate accounts for the sheer confusion they create, I can't tell you how much of a nightmare any such change would be.

    This cooldown on alliance drop/join concept is perfectly contrary to any effort you've ever made to discourage the creation and use of alternate accounts.

    It's not the length of cooldown that should be considered, it's the existence of the concept itself.

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    I appreciate many have opinions on the cool down itself, but I have a thread of forty pages with that. I am looking right now at commentary/feedback on the reduction of 72 hours to 24 hours. Please keep on topic, thanks.

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    Hating having it at all, but 24 is better than 72.

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    This cooldown has a lot negative impacts on players and few positive ones. So many of the changes evony has made are claimed to be attempts to "level the playing field" well this change has been put into place to stop players from passing cities and heros along to smaller members to help them get going? I fail to understand how that will improve gameplay.

    Things this interferes with include:
    • Visiting an ally for diplomatic reasons
    • Changing alliance within an alliance family to re-enforce smaller players
    • Drafting down inactives within an alliance (perhaps this is one thing evony wants to prevent, but this leaves us with huge issues when members just up and quit because they get sick of the bull)
    • Giving undesired cities to smaller players to help them get a headstart, one of the perks of being in a good alliance
    • Giving heros to smaller players to help out, or as prizes

    Yes a 24 hour hour cooldown instead of 72 would help some, but it's still gonna be a serious issue.

    EDIT. More on the change in length of time.. Yes 24 hours is a big improvement. One of my members was stranded this morning and went to an ally for a while. I dropped alliance myself and went with him to keep him company. Myself I actually enjoy short visits to allies, but 72 hours is an AWFUL long time to be locked out from my friends and companions. 24 hours will be less intimidating.
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    24 Hours seems a significant enough deterrent to dropping alliance. 72 is abit overkill in my opinion. Edit: guys if your voting I don't like it because you feel there should be no colldown at all your just going to end up making it look like the player base wants a 72 hour colldown instead of a shorter one. I doubt its actually allmost 50/50 in favor of the 72 hour colldown.
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    Off topic, please stick to discussion on cool down reduction.

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    Default Cooldown for Alliance jumping???

    One of the great aspects of Evony is the ability to exchange cities... I don't know of a way to do this other than leaving an alliance and attacking an ally's prepped city. Once this is done, you need to be able to get back in with your allies.

    This "cooldown" period seriously hampers our ability to do this. Are you sure you want to go there?

    Maybe you could creat a 5 cent "Passport" item to get the cooldown time waived?

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    Honestly a 24 hour cooldown is better then the current 70 hours. However it does not resolve the issues we have brought up.
    I understand that yes we need the merging wave backdoor fixed aswell as some other glitches. But a more creative solution should be thought out not something that directly effects the ability to assist a friendly alliance or our own members.

    If we are to have a cooldown it defeats the reasons for Diplomacy altogether.
    I have personally bounced back between alliances to assist in war parties or defence multiple times in a single day even sometimes in a single hour if i'm jsut helping direct what to attack with.

    So my vote is no. This does not resolve what the Evony community has told you was the issues at hand.

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