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  • I like it better than 72 hours.

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  • I'd prefer a cap on how many alliances I can join in a 72 hour period

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Thread: Developer Chat: Reducing Alliance Rejoin Cool Down

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    Just to make it clear...

    Voting "I don't like it" means you're voting for the 72 hour option.

    Voting "I like it" means you're voting for the reduction to 24 hours.

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    I would say NO COOL DOWN would be better BUT if we must have it then 24 is a lesser evil. :/

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    I appreciate the scope of what you're looking for. But when the question, essentially, is shall I hit you on the head with a hammer softer, or just use the same force I'm using now, the answer's going to be the common sense one - hey, how about not hitting me in the head with a hammer.

    24 hours, though vastly better than 72, will still encourage people to create alternate accounts to bypass.

    If that's okay with you, then what use is there to offer feedback on it at all?

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    Off topic

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    Thank you to the Evony Development Team for realising the need to implement this vote.

    Unfortunately I voted wrong, I meant to say I'd prefer 24 over 72, thought I was saying I don't like the cooldown of any period, I know, I'm a noob

    Given the voracity of cheating within the game (hacking, multi-accounting, bots allowing alliance entry & control, etc) the cooldown period of any length of time creates one more issue that penalises legitimate players, without penalising those flagrantly abusing the rules.

    It is a recognised fact that there are ways to get into an alliance and gain a certain degree of control over officer authorisations, without adhering to the rules. This means that when these things happen (3 occurrences on ss58 within the last month), that those booted are left in the cold until whatever cooldown has finished.

    Hero transfer, city swapping/transfer and honour dropping are the other reasons that Reps have given for this patch. Given the levels of multi-accounting, none of these issues will be affected by a cooldown. At best, there will be disgruntled players causing more lag as they utilise alts to a greater degree. At worst, there will be more multi-accounting.

    I understand that Evony has implemented this patch in an attempt to get gameplay under control, but I would hope that Reps understand that the game hasn't been under control for about 2 years, and the best that can be done now would be to support the few players left who still cling to the hope that things will get better, not harder.
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    I'm just wondering... is an unmentioned reason for the cooldown an attempt to prevent "prepolicying" the common practice of leaving alliance and having population drawn from a warcity before porting into a red area to attack. The purpose of this is to prevent the enemy from getting their draft? I have to admit... It does seem a little unfair that people can port in on your historic city and you never get a chance to draft.
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    Regardless of cool down timer being reduced to 24hrs our alliance members are still going to face the same problems, but 24hrs is a heck of alot better then 72hrs and why wasn't a system mail sent out warning us about this patch being put into place?

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    Am i the only one who voted wrong because i thought "i do not like it" meant for the 72 hour cool down, not the reduced 24 hr cool down? lol.

    I dont like the idea of a cool down at all, but evony decides does keep a cool down period then 24 hours would be the best choice. cause 72 hours out of an alliance is too much of a risk to take... especially if u have a big target on your back

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    24 hour cooldown will work fine. I actually respect the initial patch to make it the gaming a little bit more aggressive but yea 72 hours is abit harsh. 24 should allow them to help alliance mates without being a major inconvenience (I think).

    albiet I recognize there are other ways of accomplishing said goals by... less intrusive means atleast it's something (not intended as an insult I can understand the timidness)

    Nice job

    I like the fact that your again devoloping age 1

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    Off topic, please stick to discussion on cool down reduction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acer5200 View Post
    Just to make it clear...

    Voting "I don't like it" means you're voting for the 72 hour option.

    Voting "I like it" means you're voting for the reduction to 24 hours.

    Thanks for pointing this out after my vote was already cast. Maybe the next time Evony does anything like a vote we should be a little more descriptive in regards to how it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghengis Khan View Post
    Rather than this ridiculous cooldown, why dont you implement something that you cant join the same alliance say 3 times in a 72 hour period.
    That's a really interesting suggestion GK, thanks. Putting it up in the vote.


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