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  • I'd prefer a cap on how many alliances I can join in a 72 hour period

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Thread: Developer Chat: Reducing Alliance Rejoin Cool Down

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    Quote Originally Posted by acer5200 View Post
    Just to make it clear...

    Voting "I don't like it" means you're voting for the 72 hour option.

    Voting "I like it" means you're voting for the reduction to 24 hours.
    I also voted wrong. It was my fault for not fully reading the question before voting. I saw the word "Cooldown" in the question and then voted "I don't like it"
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  2. 11-26-2011, 01:06 AM

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    you got to be kidding now you want our input. why didn't you ask before you changed it. the idea behind this was HC swapping and you didn't resolve that issue (if in fact it was a issue) Now you give us a choice the 72 hr or 24. No that's not a choice But that does mean (to me at least) you all screwed up big time. Now you want to back track. Had I know I was going to be out of my alliance for 3 days I would of stayed in it. You all just don't get it do you: changing the rules without telling anybody is not a way to win people over and after you recent "fixes" I'm surprise people are still playing.
    Change it back so if somebody gets booted by mistake they can come right back in. No need to make it a penalty for a mistake or if some spy managed to get to presbyter they can't totally mess up a alliance by kicking everybody out. This idea was not thought out so change it back
    did I mention change it back. Why fix something that aint broken I just don't understand

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    Am i the only one who voted wrong because i thought "i do not like it" meant i disagree for the 72 hour cool down, not the reduced 24 hr cool down? lol.

    I dont like the idea of a cool down at all, but if evony decides does keep a cool down period then 24 hours would be the best choice. cause 72 hours out of an alliance is too much of a risk to take... especially if u have a big target on your back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalin Athasian View Post
    That's a really interesting suggestion GK, thanks. Putting it up in the vote.
    I like this suggestion too! I'd be fine with it being even stricter like 3 times a week.

    Can you please reset the vote so we can all go correct ours now? And please make the wording clearer. Just make 3 options, one 72 hour cooldown, one 24 hour cooldown, one limit times joining per
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalin Athasian View Post
    I appreciate many have opinions on the cool down itself, but I have a thread of forty pages with that. I am looking right now at commentary/feedback on the reduction of 72 hours to 24 hours. Please keep on topic, thanks.
    24 hours of course would be an improvement to 72 hours, but why are you looking for commentary on this side issue when you have 40 pages of commentary on why it's a bad idea all together? Of course it's going to be slightly less of a pain to only be stuck out of alliance overnight versus for three days because there was something valuable you needed to do. I truly appreciate your willingness to discuss an issue, though I feel you're still disconnected from your customers by asking this question instead of the other one, "Should there be a cool down at all?"

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    Thalin, you changed the vote AFTER people had:
    a) voted
    b) some voted wrong

    Reset the vote please
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    Thank you for at least setting up a poll. I hope you take the votes into the up most consideration no matter how it turns out.

    I personally would rather there be no cool down, but lowering it to 24 hours would be acceptable.

    EDIT: Wait, "I don't like it" is for the 24 hour and NOT the 72 hour?

    I voted wrong then I was voting saying I don't like the cool down AT ALL.
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  9. 11-26-2011, 01:12 AM

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    Thalin I think the real heart of the matter is the fact that this patch completely fails to address the problem you guys said on the feedback forum it was meant to fix. It doesn't make HCs easier to cap in 99% of situations because handing them off to keep them in truce it not nearly as prevalent as the constant speech texting/comforting. I'm a member of the Carebear alliance on na31 and we have successfully managed to take all of the 16s and most of the 14s on the server, a great number of them via pvp and maybe a handful of those cities were handed off, the rest it was weeks of hitting closed gates hoping for a slip up.

    Reducing the cooldown to 24 hours would make slightly less uncomfortable but at the same time it's still too long and I believe it will cause a lot of smaller players to think twice about dropping out to help their alliance members by gifting them heros or cities etc because a lot can happen in 24 hours. particularly with the multi-tap gone, these days bigger players are now farming smaller players that we used to leave alone for food and let me tell you... i see someone sitting out of an alliance for even a few minutes and they have even a little food in that city... i won't care if they're fresh out of BP or not, i'm taking it.

    Having any cooldown at all is only going to exacerbate the problems with bots and alts that so many people are already complaining about and it fails to address any of the issues that really cause the problems with not only capping HCs but encouraging PvP combat period. What it does do is make things even more desperate for the small to midsized players who need more than anything to be able to work as a team to have any hope of surviving against us big players. If you guys played you would know that for the most part it's the little guys who benefit from being able to drop out to be gifted a city or hero etc, not the bigger players who tend to be the ones going after the HCs. We've already got well built cities and tons of high level heros... that's how we got to be big.

    Even if the cooldown is reduced to 24 hours people will still be left vulnerable and when they feel vulnerable they will take steps to prevent that feeling. Either by botting or account sharing to make sure they are defended while out of the alliance or by creating alts to enable the handoffs without anyone having to drop alliance. Either way the end result is going to be more players getting frustrated, alliances breaking down because key members being locked out interupts communication, or members get attacked while stranded outside of the alliance and more players resenting Evony and everything it has become and walking away forever. I know I for one am certainly considering it and this patch doesn't particularly affect me.
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    As far as I have read, this cooldown was to resolve an Age2 issue relating to "HC"s. Why it's been imposed on Age1 I have no idea. I haven't seen anyone at all mention anything positive about it. While 24 hours is better than 72, wasting everyones times with this is not productive.

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    I (think) have reset the vote now. Could you please revote? I've updated the options so I hope they are clear.

    Thalin is a vote noob, could a helpful Mod fix this up.


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