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Thread: Lag again!

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    Default ss60 unreachable

    Quote Originally Posted by trainbow2 View Post
    Here we go again. Can't log on due to lag on ss60.
    So, let me get this straight ... Evony optimized performance?!
    Uh huh ... right.
    ss60 is unreachable, but not due to maintenance it seems
    0800 ST, going on nearly 20 min now
    Happy Easter indeed

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    quit complaining about the lag on ss60, we all know why there is lag, and 90% of u on ss60 are the reasons behind it, why do u think the worst lag comes after main when they have done clearings? casue theres 1000s of friendly helpers trying to cap every damn flat on the map again, like how saxony(home to k*****, every1 on ss60 knows who) can go from a maintenance of flat clearing %65-70 full to full again in less then 2 hrs, the situation is never gone change on ss60 till people remember its a wargame and flats are part of that game, and not every state has to be full 24/7


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