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Thread: Did you see the story on the news?

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    Exclamation Did you see the story on the news?

    Ben Breedlove died after he 'cheated' death three times. He died on Christmas night. But, he made a video about how he cheated death three times, two weeks before Christmas, I believe. He explained everything from his heart problems to the incidents. I think when he explained that he had a seizure (First time he 'Cheated' death) while he was in this room, and they were helping him, and he told his mother that there was a very,very bright white light above him, that that was true. He said in his video that he kept smiling towards it, and that he peace.

    The last one described how he passed out at school in the hallway, and he was in a white room, with his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi, there with him. Kid was the only one with him, and he led Ben to a glass desk and how Kid put his hand in Ben's shoulder and said, "Go on." Ben said he felt 'at peace' and he was smiling. You see, when your body starts to die, your brain is alive for a short time. Ben doesn't know if this was a dream or a vision, but when he opened his eyes the EMR were there. Ben wrote on his note card that he didn't want to wake up.

    I won't talk about the second event, since I want you to see it youself. Although, his last notecard said "I do." as the second-to-last one asked, "Do you believe in Angels and God?" I, now think about his question, for I would have said no, really, I would have said no. But now that he described those incidents...I have think.

    Do you think when he 'cheated' death, and he saw white and felt at peace, do you think he was telling the truth?

    Do you believe in Angels?

    Do you think this was sad?

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    I think it mentions in the rules that threads dedicated to one person aren't allowed, and you're discussing religion too tsk tsk

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    I have to side with JDM on this one. It is interesting, I will absolutely give you that. But this kind of thread attract trolls like you wouldn't believe.

    Compliments of the wonderful Warsimi!


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