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Thread: Xmas Warcity Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by aragog007 View Post
    Ok so i was really bored i Calculated the amount of food that that would Chew throuhg Per Hour.....
    And it Was....

    1821870223 or 1.8 billion food Per Hour... with that much food take One must wonder how much food u really have stored away?? 100 Trillion???

    All i have to Say is : LOL HOLY CRAP I WANT THAT CITY!!!! ( without the Food minus
    Guys like this are the reason almost every server is bogged down with lag. Even with 5+ alts running on 3rd party software 24/7 it would be difficult to feed this city. Doesn't really impress me all it shows is that you use 3rd party software and have a stable of alts so you can build a rediculously unecessary amount of troops!

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    too much troops lol | HAY YOU!, Me?, Yes You, ME?, YES YOU, ME!!@!? YES YOU!, JUST TEL ME WHAT U WANT!, Hi!

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    nice WC bignor

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    lol the botom pic XD | HAY YOU!, Me?, Yes You, ME?, YES YOU, ME!!@!? YES YOU!, JUST TEL ME WHAT U WANT!, Hi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAZZZZYYYYYYY1234 View Post
    I play ss47, my name is ConanBarb2 and Fubar Texas and others are mostly coiners

    Half the people I know from Fubar didn't coin, and Texas was a big lump of nothing.

    All around me are familiar faces
    worn out places, worn out faces
    Bright and early for the daily races
    Going nowhere, going nowhere
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    Quote Originally Posted by Revoltion
    Acer is the Varys of Evony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by browell View Post

    If its hated enough i might think about providing a scout report


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