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    Default Super Evony Guide

    Different Methods of Combat:

    Trade Fire-

    The basis behind tradefire is very simple although to completely understand it you need to also understand unit range and unit speed.

    It works like this:
    To achieve tradefire to need to either one shot or three shot the opposing enemy cavalry. The reason this needs to happen is because defending archers in a city have a range of 2400 because of the wall bonus while attacking archers only have a range of 1800 meaning the defending archers can get fire onto your marching troops before they have a chance to fire back. keeping even a small number of cavalry in your city can ruin the attacking enemies chances of getting tradefire on your archers. If however you are attacking its much better to try to spam out all the cavalry with pikemen/warriors before trying to attain tradefire.

    Archers speed is 500 with full tech meaning if both the defending and opposing archers move then a gap of 1000 has been closed on the battlefield. However if only one set of archers move then the defending archers will get free rounds of firing on your troops, while you archers will keep firing on the opposing swordsmen. This means if the enemy has a large amount of swordsmen in their city, you will not get any fire on the opposing archers.

    To achieve tradefire when all the defending layers are gone before the archers(e.g. pikemen, swordsmen etc), you can send 500 cavalry and the rest archers (99,500 or more), however you must send enough cavalry so they done get killed straight away by the remaining abatis in the city. So if there is a large number of abatis left in the city you can increase the number of cavalry in the wave to 50% of the number of abatis remaining. Correct layering of your waves can be the main factor when trying to achieve tradefire in player versus player, against NPC's and historic cities however it is much easier.

    Phract Smack:

    Quite possibly one of the most powerful waves you can send, a phract smack can wipe millions of archers in one go easily.
    The premise is simple. When your enemies walls are completely gone and preferably there are no layers (swordsmen, pikemen etc), only archers/mechanics left in the city you can send a phract smack. Because the enemy has no range boost from there walls, your phract's will reach the enemy archers very quickly, and if the enemy has no layers before the archers your phract's will travel straight at the archers.

    What makes a phract smack so deadly is how you layer it. If you include a very small number of range units (archers, ballista, catapults), the enemy ranged units will target them first meaning your phract's will escape fire for a few rounds reaching the enemy archers and using their massive attack to decimate them.


    1,000 scouts
    10,000 cavalry
    111,000 Cataphracts
    1000 Archers
    1000 Ballista
    1000 Catapults

    If the enemy has a huge amount of mech's in the city, include more catapults in the wave, about 10,000 or 20,000. You can also include the ballista number but make sure to keep phract's the main unit in the wave.
    The phract smack can be used if your enemy has very small layers left but preferably you want no layers before the archers.
    It can also be used if the enemy only has a few million warriors in the city and no walls. However in this case you could use a ram smack for less losses.

    Ram Smack:

    Up against an enemy with no walls and a few million infantry left in his city then the ram smack is the wave to use. Whereas the phract smack works when the enemy has no walls or infantry but plenty of mechanics and ranged units, the ram smack works when the enemy has no walls or ranged units and mechanics but plenty of infantry. Rams actually have a long enough range, much further than swordsmen, pikemen and other infantry. They also have an insane amount of life, 10,000 with full tech's.
    Their life can be further increased to a massive 15,000 by making sure your hero has at 111 intel or higher. This means putting a couple of pieces of gear onto intel. Rams gain a life bonus from intel up to 111 intel. Above that there is no further bonus to their life.
    Ram smacks can kill tens of millions of warriors if you have a good hero leading the attack.

    1,000 Worker
    1,000 Warrior
    103,000 Battering Rams
    10,000 Ballista
    10,000 Catapults

    Because your rams will be like a massive barrier, itself inflicting massive damage on the enemy, you can include a few strong ranged units within the wave. The catapults and ballista will fire freely on the enemy as the will be protected by your rams.


    olonising can provide you with a steady income of resources and troops but can have its disadvantages.
    When you colonise someone you gain 10% of the production of all their resources, this is automatically added on to the production of the city which seized the colony. The problem can be though that your storage capacity doesn't increase and when you have a mayor with high politics and lots of colonies you will find yourself reaching your storage limit very quickly. Unless you keep selling the extra resources a lot can go to waste.

    Colony Settings
    The bad thing about taking colonising someone's city is the tech level. If you keep all your suppression setting at 100 and an enemy attacks your colony, all the troops in your suzerain city will fight in the colony. This might seem like a good way to protect it but if the colony has very low tech levels then your troops will only fight at the colony tech level, meaning if the person has very high tech's and your colony has very low, your troops will be slaughtered. Its good practice to always keep all setting at 0.

    Finishing the colony quest (getting 400 colonies) greatly increases your treasure drop which help when farming gems.

    Wall Defense:

    One of the most important aspects of defending your city is having the right wall defences. Your wall defences will determine what type of defence you will use. There is really two types of wall defences you can use, a ranged defence and a compact defence. Both have their advantages and what is attacking you will determine what is the best defence to keep.

    Ranged Defence
    A ranged defence gains its range from having either abatis, traps or defensive trebuchet on the walls. They will start the battle at 5200 paces meaning the battlefield will be the maximum length possible. The down side to this type of defence is that your infantry can mover toward the enemy ranged units fairly fast and get wiped out pretty quickly.

    A basic defence is this:
    5,000 abatis
    15,000 Archer towers

    However you can include more abatis if you feel you are getting heavily spammed. Another way to do it is:
    10,000 Archer Towers

    Compact Defence
    The compact defence relies on your archer topers to set the range of the battlefield. Your archer towers will usually get hit first by the opposing ranged units, but because the battle field is a lot smaller nearly all your units will attack at once. Cavalry and cataphracts can be devastating in defence in a compact defence, however if you lose your infantry layers, you an easy be phract smacked and have all your troops wiped. Layers are a lot harder to break down in compact defence, so the choice is up to you. A compact defence does seem like a better option but only if you have massive amounts of troops. You need to have a high swordsmen to archer ratio in your city, about 3:1 is a safe bet.

    18,333 Archer Towers

    Another way to use a compact defence is to include rolling logs in the setup. They have high attack power however compared to archer towers they are at a huge disadvantage.They take a lot of lumber to produce and when they are used up you have to build them again.

    5,000 Rolling Logs
    11,666 Archer Towers

    Spamming Walls:

    The main purpose to spamming walls is to slowly take out ranged units and allowing you to phract smack an enemy. Traps / Abatis / Trebuchets have the maximum range of 5000, even if there is only one on the walls the range will be 5,000 so its important to keep sending waves non stop.

    Spamming Traps / Abatis / Defensive trebuchet
    If you are dealing with all these on the enemies walls, you are best of sending 100 cavalry and 100 scouts. The scouts will hit the traps while the cavalry take out the trebuchets and the abatis. These are the minimum numbers to send if you want to lose as little as possible when taking out these defences.
    If you want to raise his honour while taking out the traps etc, send 1,000 of each unit

    Spamming Archer Towers
    Sending naked archers (archers by themselves) will ensure trade fire with the opposing archer towers. If the enemy has a full compliment, between 10,000 and 15,000 on his wall you will have to send a few 50,000 archer waves at him if he has a strong hero defending. If the enemy has a low hero inside then 1 wave should be enough to move onto the next stage. As the enemies tower count goes down you can send progressively less archers in each wave. And when he has only a few towers left send only 1,000.

    Enemy Units
    You can spam out cavalry units with relative ease from the enemy. Sending warriors and pikemen at your enemy will decimate the cavalry. Cataphracts take slightly more but in terms of losses, its much more costly for the person in defence losing the cavalry than you losing warriors.
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    Scout Bombs:

    Attacking With:
    Some enemy units can be too costly to engage with ranged units and infantry and this is when the scout bomb is invaluable.
    The basic concept behind the scout bomb is this, scouts travel so fast they reach the enemy troops in one round before the enemy has the chance to attack them. They target the units with the highest value, and their real use is taking out powerful units like ballista. However they can be easily defended against. While large scout bombs will decimate ballista, if they hit other units like swordsmen they will cause very minor damage.

    When you really want to use them is when say your enemy has 300,00 archers, swordsmen and ballista. In this case the scout bombs will hit the ballista because they have the highest attack value. Because ballista have very low defence value they should take out a large number of them, around 5,000 to 10,000 with a 100,000 scout bomb. But lets say the enemy has 2,000,000 swordsmen, 1,000,000 archers and 300,000 ballista. In this case the scout bombs will hit the swordsmen and only kill about 1,000 or 2,000 if even that. This is a very small number to kill and if you do the maths scout bombs are not viable to use to clear out infantry. If the archers had the highest attack value, you could expect to kill between 10,000 and 20,000 even if the enemy has a few million, because archers have a very low defence value. They can be used to clear archers because if you have raised the enemies honour high enough you can keep scout bombing them getting good heal rates and kill a few 100,000 softening them up for mech waves.
    Small Scout bombs can also be used to spam out enemy traps.

    Defending Against:
    If its a case where your city has been wiped down to just a large number of say ballista, you might as well try to avoid being scout bombed by closing your gates. The best defence really against scout bombs is to keep a large amount of swordsmen and pikemen in your city. That way the scout bombs will hit them causing very minor damage.


    Raising Honour
    Honour dictates the heal rate to your troops and if you can raise the enemies honour up high enough you can effectively kill their troops while keeping your losses to a minimum.
    To raise honour the opposite is true, you have to attack your enemy killing as little of his troops as possible. This can be done in a number of ways and the most effective way is to send as small an amount of troops as you can. Many factors within the enemies defence will determine how much honour you give the enemy.

    Losing Honour
    Knowing how to lose honour when both attacking and defending is an invaluable skill. You must always try to have your honour at 0. They key is making sure to always be constantly bringing it down with small attacks if you have low honour. On occasion, when a massive force of players attack you unsuccessfully, you can be stuck with 100s of millions of honour. Cases like this require a mix of techniques to bring it down.

    The way honour works is this...
    Honour is calculated by the resource cost of your units versus the resource cost of the enemy units. So the combined value of your lost units versus the combined value of the enemies lost units. Whoever loses the least in value will get the honour.
    Also the more honour you have the harder it is for you to gain if the enemy has very low honour and vice versa, if you have low honour its harder to give it to a player with high honour.
    The best practice to losing honour is to find a player with 0 honour and dump it on him, when he is fairly high move onto another player with as close to 0 as possible.
    Using mech waves against an enemy in attack will almost certainly lose you honour even when you win, if you lose a few. The reason being they cost so much the unit value of a mech wave compared to a city full of infantry can be massive.
    A big problem can be losing honour if you have no city teleporters and there are no hostile cities close.
    There are a few different ways of doing it:

    Wage War without Decoration
    This stratagem can be won fairly often from the wheel of fortune and drops 10% of your honour. Its best used when you have high honour (20 million or more), and using it 10 times should drop over half your honour. However there is a cool down of 6 hours between using it so it can take days to get its full effect.

    Many people will state that spam waves of 1,000 infantry, horse combos is the best way to dump honour but there is a far more effective way using cataphracts.

    The basis is simple...
    If you have say 20 million honour, find a player with 0 honour and send at first waves of 100 cataphracts. You can dump up to 100,000 honour a wave if the player only has abatis and archer towers on his walls and a high troop count. You should only get 10% heal on these waves. When your honour drops and the players honour rises you will notice that you will progressively dump less honour and when you get to a stage where you are only dumping 20,000 honour per wave you move onto the next step.
    Start sending 200 cataphracts per wave, this should bring you back up to dumping 100,000 honour per wave, also your heal rate may slightly go up to 20%. As before your honour dumping will get progressively lower and again when your are only dumping 20,000 per wave move on and send 300 cataphracts per wave.
    Keep repeating, 400, 500 etc up to 2000 per wave.
    You can move millions in no time using this method. Some players will send 100,000 cataphracts at a player to dump honour and will lose about 10 million, but using this method you can dump 5 or 10 times that.

    NOTE: As stated before honour is based on the combined resource cost, so fill the load vacancy with resources(preferably stone because it costs so little), also you want very low level heroes (level 1 - 20) with no gear equipped. You want your cataphracts to kill as little of the enemies troops as possible, preferably none at all.

    Defensive Trebuchet
    There is a little known way of dumping honour in defence that i recently came across. Defensive trebuchet are very costly units, and have the maximum range (5000) meaning they will always fire at the start of a battle. If the enemy tries to send very small spam waves at you and you have a large number of trebuchets on your walls, you will actually lose massive amount of honour, because when the trebuchet fire, it counts as them being lost, and because small spam waves have a very low resources cost and your trebuchets have a very high cost, you will lose honour and your enemy will gain a pile. These can also prove a very good distraction because if the enemy isn't getting a report and is basing how much he is killing by his honour going up, he will think he is killing your troops when in fact he is being dumped with honour.

    Finally, if you want to learn more about combat... (archbow, mech rainbow, treasures from war, etc.) go to this website: (original, not stolen)

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    Default Historic Cities and Colonizing

    Avoidable Drafts:

    One of the biggest problems further into the game is getting drafted and once a player gets one good draft off you its almost certain he will keep drafting you. The problem is you cant be on all the time and moving your troops out of your city when your not on can be risky. When you are on for a few hours you can move your troops to a nearby valley and send them back to your city when you log off, but if a player who is drafting you finds out where you come from and your time zone he will probably draft you when you are off.

    Many people will cover themselves with warriors to cover their drafts but its all adds up, and although you may yourself acquire large number of warriors from drafts if you have multiple Historic Cities, every troop a person drafts off you makes him stronger and you weaker. So the only sure way to make sure you don't lose anything is to make your cities undraftable.

    How avoiding drafts work
    If you reach a certain number of troops e.g. archers, you cannot be drafted. Im still trying to figure out exactly whether the draft proof number is based on the combined attack power of your units or if it is something to do with resource cost. What Ihave found so far is that the draft proof number for each kind of troop adds up to about 1,100,000,000 resource cost although it will take some testing before I determine for sure whether this is the main factor.

    Undraftable/Draft Proof Numbers
    It seems it doesnt matter what kind of hero you have in your city to avoid drafts, as long as you have the required number you will avoid the draft.

    Unit Type Undraftable Number Draftable Again At
    Warriors 7,600,000 15,000,000
    Scouts 3,200,000
    Pikemen 2,500,000
    Swordsmen 1,600,000
    Archers 1,600,000 4,800,000
    Cavalry 700,000
    Cataphracts 250,000
    Ballista 230,000 900,000
    Battering Rams 160,000
    Catapult 76,000

    This may seen like a massive amount of troops to keep in your city but you don't need them all. If you have multiple Lv12 Historic Cities or Lv14 Historic Cities you can build up the warriors in no time from drafts. DO NOT BUILD THEM YOURSELF. You should focus on building the swordsmen and archers first, then scouts. After that you can move onto the pikemen then the ballista. Only keep about 2,000 cavalry/cataphract in your city, that's all that's really needed for layers. They are more of an attack unit. If you can after this move onto the catapults if you have enough LV10 barracks. The best thing to do is store your particular type of troop you are building in one city out of draft range. Soon as you have the undraftable number move them in. Keep a small compliment in the city until you have enough. All you really need is swordsmen, pikemen, scouts, archers and ballista. The rest do not matter so it is achievable fairly quick to build up the numbers as long as you aren't wasting troops. This defence will withstand a whole alliance unless they are all using mech's. When you get drafted all you will lose will be 200 cataphracts if you keep the 2,000 cavalry and cataphract's in there, Practically nothing...


    Drafting provides you wit a big boost to your troop numbers. Most players wont make enough troops to make themselves undraftable so you should pick up quite a few extra. What these cities do is give you control over an area of the map. Try drafting players with high prestige, and draft as many of their cities as you can to get an idea where the troops are.

    Level 12 Historic Cities
    You can acquire a huge amount of warriors from NPC's. Try to get multiple Level 12s early on in the game. Although you may lose few troops getting them you will make more back through drafts every day.
    Draft Range: 18 x 18 miles

    4 drafts from the same NPC Level 10 NPC will get you 74,197 warriors. Therefore from multiple level 12 HC's can get...

    1 Level 12 Historic city - 74,197 warriors
    2 Level 12 Historic city - 148,394 warriors
    3 Level 12 Historic city - 222,591 warriors
    4 Level 12 Historic city - 296,788 warriors
    5 Level 12 Historic city - 370,985 warriors
    6 Level 12 Historic city - 445,182 warriors
    7 Level 12 Historic city - 519,379 warriors
    8 Level 12 Historic city - 593,576 warriors
    9 Level 12 Historic city - 667,773 warriors

    Level 14 Historic Cities
    You should aim to acquire more than just warriors from your level 14 drafts. Level 14s have draft range of over a dozen level 12 HC's and you should try to get one over enemy ones. 6 drafts a day can mean a huge amount of troops. Most players will try to cover themselves with warriors and you can pick up 100,000 a draft sometimes.
    Draft Range: 66 x 66 miles

    Because 14s have such a big draft range if you are drafting warriors from NPC's, try to get 6 different lv 10 NPC's far away from players cities. If you get a full draft from them you can get 120,000 from your 6 drafts

    1 Level 14 Historic city - 120,000 warriors
    2 Level 14 Historic city - 240,000 warriors
    3 Level 14 Historic city - 360,000 warriors
    4 Level 14 Historic city - 480,000 warriors
    5 Level 14 Historic city - 600,000 warriors
    6 Level 14 Historic city - 720,000 warriors
    7 Level 14 Historic city - 840,000 warriors
    8 Level 14 Historic city - 960,000 warriors
    9 Level 14 Historic city - 1,180,000 warriors

    Level 16 Historic Cities
    Owning a Level 16 state capital means you can really keep a massive draft area covered and get 8 drafts a day. Anyone who teleports into your state can be got and if another alliance launches a big attacks you can acquire significant numbers of them. These cities can also have another purpose, that is protecting you own alliance members from drafts. A person can random teleport into the state if not already there, then you can use a population redeployment on him so his city cant be drafted again that day.
    Draft Range: 200 x 200 miles, A whole State

    Level 18 Historic Cities
    Because there is only one level 18 Historic City, Atlantis located at 0,0 it is really the prize for each server. It comes with a big amount of 10 drafts a day. Its capable of drafting anywhere on the map and therefore you are guaranteed a lot of troops every day, maybe 200,000 - 600,000 archers.
    Draft Range: 800 x 800 Miles, Entire map/server,

    Capturing Lv 12s:

    These cities provide you with control over a small draft area, 18 x 18 square miles and allow you 4 drafts per day. They are good starting points from which to launch waves at the bigger lv14 HC's They allow you to launch 125,00 waves (156,250 with war ensign).

    Draft Range
    19 x 19 Miles
    9 miles in any direction
    12.7 miles at the furthest point

    Level 12 Historic City
    Troop Count
    Every day there is a random troop combination in the Historic City. The warriors and archers will always be in their. But pikemen and swordsmen alternate etc. But if can be done fairly also with swordsmen in it. Because you go for the battering ram combination there will only be the archers as a range unit firing on you. Stay away from trying to take it with any other combo, the losses will be very high.

    The easiest combination is Warrior / Pikemen / Archer / Cavalry / Rams.
    But you can also attack the Warrior / Swordsmen / Archer / Cavalry / Rams Config

    Pikemen / Swordsman
    Cavalry / Cataphracts
    Rams / Ballista / Catapult

    Its best to try to spam out as much walls as possible
    Archer Towers
    Rolling Logs
    Defensive Trebuchet
    If you camp all your loyalty waves, make sure to send at least 40, or more if you can. After the city is broken and its troops wiped it varies how many loyalty waves it takes to capture it. Sometimes only 30, but some times over 40. Also make sure you have a city ready to teleport to the historic city if you need extra loyalty waves.

    Method 1
    The easiest method I have come across to take a LV 12 doesn't require high hero attack but only a good number of ballista. You will only lose about 4,000 ballista on the breaker. The spam waves before will eliminate the traps causing them to miss your important troops.
    Hero level and attack does not matter for loyalty and spam waves.

    Wave 1 to 30 - 2,000 warriors / 2,000 scouts (spam waves)
    Wave 31 - 2,000 workers / 3,000 warriors / 122,000 ballista and hero attack of 285 (breaker wave)
    Waves 32 and on - 10,000 archers / 20,000 warriors (loyalty waves)

    Method 2
    If you don't have the ballista and need to use other troops, your losses will depend on your hero attack. Your going to use a mix of archer rainbows and pikemen.

    With Hero attack 200
    Launching from a Lv10 city without war ensign

    Wave 1 to 30 - 2,000 warriors / 2,000 scouts
    Wave 31 - 33 - 100,000 pikemen
    Waves 34 - 35 - 100,000 archers
    Wave 36 - 42 (7 waves) - 1,000 workers / 1,000 warriors / 1,000 scouts / 1,000 swordsmen / 95,000 archers / 500 cataphracts / 500 cavalry
    Waves 43 and on (loyalty waves) - 10,000 archers / 20,000 warriors

    With Hero attack 400
    Launching from a Lv12 Historic city without war ensign.

    Wave 1 to 30 - 2,000 warriors / 2,000 scouts
    Wave 31 - 125,000 pikemen
    Waves 32 - 125,000 archers
    Wave 33 - 36 (4 waves) - 1,000 workers / 1,000 warriors / 1,000 scouts / 1,000 swordsmen / 95,000 archers / 500 cataphracts / 500 cavalry
    Waves 37 and on (loy waves) - 10,000 archers / 20,000 warriors

    From 400 attack and up, you can decrease you losses by sending 156,000 waves from a lv 12 if you have war ensign. Also you can send 150k waves from a lv14 historic city or 187,500 with war ensign. The bigger the first pike and archer waves, the less archer rainbows after it will take to finish off the city.

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    With hero attack 800+
    Launching from a Lv14 Historic city with war ensign.

    This is a two hit break using only archers and pikemen. The waves are sent from a Lv 14 Historic city with war ensign. You will wipe most of the troops in the city with the first two waves leaving only a tiny amount for the 3rd wave to clean up.
    You need two historic heroes, around 500 attack + excalibur 125 + Uprise 207.
    You have the option to send the 30 spam waves if you want, but if you need to capture a few different level 12s quickly, this is the quickest method. You can actually Capture a few in a day.

    Wave 1 - 187,500 Pikemen
    Wave 2 - 187,500 archers
    Waves 3 - 1,000 workers / 1,000 warriors / 1,000 scouts / 1,000 swordsmen / 95,000 archers / 500 cataphracts / 500 cavalry
    Waves 4 and on (loyalty waves) - 10,000 archers / 20,000 warriors

    Launching from a Lv16 Historic city with war ensign.

    Wave 1 - 250,000 Pikemen
    Wave 2 - 250,000 Archers
    Waves 3 and on (loyalty waves) - 10,000 archers / 20,000 warriors

    if you launch from a level 16 city you can pretty much break the city losing only the pikemen. The pike wave will kill almost everything while the archer wave will kill what remains. You will only lose about 5,000 archers.

    PS: Super Thanks to Talmanes of ReBirth. Want to learn more about taking over hcs and even a super map of all the hcs on evony map?

    Go to: (again, completely original)

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    Might just create several threads with each topic (very detailed on gems, hcs, etc.)

    "Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless."

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