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Thread: Biggest Gifts Ever -- All is Fair in Love and War!

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    Default Biggest Gifts Ever -- All is Fair in Love and War!

    The drumbeat of hooves from charging cavalry matches the thrumming of our hearts! Love is in the air in the wartorn lands of Evony! From February 9th to 22nd, we’re giving you another chance to give (and get!) the gift you love -- our biggest and best gift for your friends and loved ones!

    Amor! From February 9th to 22nd you and your friends can take advantage of our best gifts ever, worth up to 1100 Cents! The gift will be included with any purchase of $30 or more, made by February 22nd. You’ll get an Evony Valentine’s Package for yourself and send a Casanova’s Package to your friends that could be worth over 1000 Cents! With such a generous heart, your friends will want to return the favor, so you may even receive a package in return!

    With your purchase, you’ll get Casanova’s Key that will open a Casanova’s Package sent by a friend.

    Special Buff: Valentine's Candy

    And since you’re sharing the love with your friends, we’re going to sweeten the deal with some Valentine’s Candy! Any purchase of $30 or more by February 22nd will also let you send this tasty buff to your friends and alliance that gives FREE UPKEEP (troops eat no food) for 24 hours! With a little creative swapping, you and all your best friends can get FREE UPKEEP for quite a long time! The earlier you start, the longer you’ll have the buff, because they all vanish after February 22nd!

    But we can’t just stop there! We’re also throwing in a free Vesta’s Blessing for you and a friend too! A deal this good is as rare as true love, so don’t miss it!

    What do you get with a purchase of $30 or more?

    Evony Valentine’s Package

    1 x Lion Medal
    1 x Rose Medal
    1 x Cross Medal
    1 x Primary Guidelines
    1 x Intermediate Guidelines
    1 x War Horn
    1 x Corselet
    1 x Holy Water
    1 x Hero Hunting
    1 x Truce Agreement
    5 x Amulet
    1 x City Teleporter
    1 x Casanova’s Key

    PLUS – Included at no extra charge:
    * Vesta’s Blessing for you and a friend!
    * Valentine’s Candy for all your friends and alliance!
    * Casanova’s Package for all your friends and alliance!

    Casanova's Package

    Casanova’s Key in your package will let you open a Casanova’s Package from your friends. When you open a Casanova’s Package, you’ll receive an assortment of items that could be worth over 1000 Cents! Here are all the possibilities of what you can find inside the chest:

    Gilded Jewelry Box (most rare)
    750 cents
    1 x Holy Helm of Mars
    2 x On War

    Crown of Flowers (very rare)
    1 x Holy Helm of Mars
    1 x Vesta’s Blessing
    2 x On War
    3 x Random Medal
    1 x Ivory Horn
    2 x Ultra Corselet
    1 x Adv City Teleporter

    Flowers and a Card (somewhat rare)
    2 x Excalibur
    3 x On War
    1 x Ivory Horn
    2 x Ultra Corselet
    2 x Justice Medal
    1x Adv Teleporter

    Box of Candies (common)
    2 x Epitome of Military Science
    2 x Adv City Teleporter
    3 x Random City Teleporter
    1 x Wealth of Nations
    1 x Penicillin

    Writings from Casanova (most common)
    1 x War Ensign
    2 x Adv City Teleporter
    1 x War Horn
    5 x Aries Amulet

    It’s going to be a delightfully good time for you and your friends to share the Evony experience with some great goodies!

    All is fair in love and war!

    The Evony Team

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This offer is valid only to new purchases, new AutoCents subscribers or AutoCents renewals of a single transaction of $30 or more during this period. Offer is valid now and ends on February 22nd. All “Valentine’s Candy” buffs will be removed on February 22nd. You must have a Casanova’s Key for each Casanova’s Package you wish to open. Casanova’s Key is included with a purchase of $30 or more and found in the Evony Valentine’s Package during this period.
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