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Thread: Rumor 153?

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    Default Rumor 153?

    Im hearing rumors from other servers that 153 is being shut down "due to inactivity".....any truth in this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMVM View Post
    Im hearing rumors from other servers that 153 is being shut down "due to inactivity".....any truth in this?
    Well my account on that server is definitely incative. I apologize if my leaving had that effect on the enitre server. lol
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    if this were the case then they would have ben shutting down previous servers as well. 153 isnt the most inactive. Plus if they were shutting it down for inactivity then they would have to be looking into the server to start with... so you really dont have to worry about it being shut down.

    And you shouldnt really pay rumors any mind.
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    Evony isnt going to 'shut down' a server.

    They said so in their ToS when it says an account with coin on it will never be closed.
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    They would have to give refunds to all that have spent on the server to do such a thing Mellie...from my understanding 153 was one of the highest spending servers ever till the captcha hit..and even then was still very profitable...Could you see Evony refunding all that?
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    Concidering most Captcha servers and some people in non captcha servers are protesting by not spending money in evony. Might seem not as much activivlty just cause Evony just loosing money and more money till Captcha is gone. Like said in few other parts of the forum Captcha was a nice try to get rid of the 3rd parties issues. but the "test" was a fail. and more burden to those that want to play have fun and not get ruined cause heros , cities and troops get lost cause captcha pop up at wrong time.

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    I left 153 over a month ago.
    Captcha absolutely ruined the game there. I have nothing more to say other than it was a very very bad idea.

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    Heh Jaik long time no see ... A few of your 125 players are still kicking on ss66

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    Evony does not "shut down" servers, they merge them.
    Be thankful if it's true.

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    they wont merge it because of the captcha

    and it was not because of the bots 153 got it

    they got it because there was a uproar on the forums and they wanted to shut us up

    Quote Originally Posted by Ophy View Post
    my luck some stuck up mod will close it as usual no freedom of speech .. evony is lucky they dont live near me or ide barb em


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