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Thread: How to capture a lvl8 npc...

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    Default How to capture a lvl8 npc...

    ...without asking for help. What method do you recommend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaberTooth321 View Post
    ...without asking for help. What method do you recommend.
    everyone has there own method for conq'ing NPC8's im guessing for Queens Quest..

    i always liked use 1-2 100k warrior waves as initial wave then 20-30 waves of 15k warriors + 15k arch.. very quick and u dont lose much arch for taking your NPC10... The 2 100k waves are over kill, can be done with 1 wave just depends how early in server u are and what star set u have..

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    You should have (at least) 200k warrs and 20k arch if this is your first time. It varies from server to server, so you should have more just in case. Never hurts to be prepared.
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    I tech up to about lvl 7 most techs then use the old fashion war bomb
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    If you google it, there's tons of guides available on how to conquer valleys and npcs from lv1-10 which go into a lot more detail on attacks and requirements ect. My question is does it have to be lv8 or would a lv10 also qualify?

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    use only warriors. break with 100k and send small waves after


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