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Thread: Aoe vs. Evony

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    Quote Originally Posted by IronGiant View Post
    ok i am not asking you to criticize my opinion of two great games aoe very story driven and amazing game evony just a nice way to waste time i want to know which game is better not how aoe is different from evony
    Have you ever considered a career in politics? The sheer number of tongue-in-cheek self-contradictions per sentence would probably serve you well in that field.

    The simple fact is, if one game is better than the other, then almost by definition, something has to be different between the two. And if you don't want any of us to challenge your opinion, then why in Fria's name are you asking us our opinions?

    So. The only thing Evony really has going for it is that it's set in a persistent world where interaction with a large number of people is possible. Cool. It's the MMO of strategy games, and really built for casual gamers to boot.

    Age of Empires on the other hand, over just about the entire series, has more well-thought out mechanics, more involved strategy, and (as little as this shape's my opinion of a game and quite frankly, as low on the scale as AoE even is, I thought this would be funny to note) better graphics.

    I do love AoE, and number 2 was one of the first strategy games I ever played. All the same, as solid of a game as it is, there are even better ones out there. AoE is built around a rather "safe" model of a game. There's more ambitious ones out there that, frankly, achieved their ambitions. If you're putting this much effort into deliberating between the two, might as well look up others. Relic makes some great games, for example, (Dawn of War, Company of Heroes) as well as the under appreciated Stardock (Sins of a Solar Empire).

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    i dont got a problem with you challenging my thoughts but i would like to try and keep this on topic which it's not so pm me and we can debate, and as to the fact of you saying they must be different i did say they were different games but take aoe and evony from a narrow prospective the are similar in a few ways i love both games but i choose AOE, but i do got to thank you you did make me consider a few things i left out also i never wanted to argue about my point of view vs yours just the game but sense its come to that if you do feel the need pm me and i will hear you out i am open minded i know i can be wrong i can admit that.

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    AOE doesnt have lag
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    Anyone here who says that Evony is better than AOE needs to actually play that game.

    Play Age of Kings or Conquerors, and then get back here.

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    Evony!!!!!!!!! Aoe is a bit boring and way to easy if u play a lot even in Hard mode.. whereas in Evony there is always change and different things happen..
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    hmmm tough one Evony is extremely addicting aoe isnt as addicting bt i like aoe wide selection id have to with evony the fun lasts longer but aoe is one of the best downloadable strategy game out there one of my favorites


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