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Thread: 158 SpoonerXD Vs Warmutt (7.4M killed)

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    It was a pre arranged battle captain. A battle that was agreed to when both parties were online. Thats why I assumed I was safe when i went to bed last night. I spoke to spooner last night and he ended up working late so we agreed to do it this morning. I suppose technically, he did wait until after midnight so it was indeed saturday morning. Unfortunately, he decided to ignore the other part of our agreement stating that we wait until we were both online. Heres the whole story:

    3 days ago, i hit him while he was offline. I killed half the troops in his war city which amounted to 600K arch, 250K cav/phract, 130k ballistas. After that he asked me for a 1 vs 1 battle with no help from our alliances and I agreed. I even took the embassy out of that city so none of my members could help. We agreed to a fight friday night and that we would wait until both of us were online. Anyone can kill a player thats offline as demonstrated by his first post on this thread. Last night, it was getting late so we skyped a bit (he was on his phone) and he told me he was still at work. We agreed that we would have the battle saturday morning. I went to bed thinking he would keep his word.

    now please keep in mind that his hero is twice the size of mine, he has 3 times the alts as i do so he has 10 times the res as me. He has put on 2 mil prestige in the last 2 days just from building troops. I had no delusions about winning this battle but i truly thought with all those advantages he already had, i could count on him to keep his word and wait for us both to be online. Afterall, I waited last night knowing that he was still at work. It would have been a simple matter to wipe him out but I honored our agreement and waited. My hero was obviously elsewhere since i thought i was safe.

    Spooner is a beast on a 2 1/2 month old server but if a man has to act like that in order to become a beast, I guess I'll just continue on my noob path. I know he is very popular on the forums so I'm fighting an uphill battle here but the truth is the truth, no matter how much people may like him. He has shown his true character................and failed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoPeace View Post
    did you get your email sent to ya, about your dad. Spooner?
    I for one am defiantly not a big spooner fan, but sending anyone a mail like this is wrong and sender obviously has mental issues and needs to seek help
    [/SIGPIC]Randy: Oh. Uhh. There was a, there was a ghost! A-a-and-this, this ectoplasm! Did you see the ghost? It ran through here; it sli-it slimed me!

    Volunteer: You son of a

    Randy: Oh no it wasn't me, it was this spooky ghost!

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    I find it telling that spooner has been on here defending every post and accusing people of breaking the forum rules all morning, yet when I post the whole story for people to read, he goes silent. Just goes to show that what i posted in my first post is true. He and I both know the truth of things. I hope people realize now that no matter how good he may be at evony, he's not a good person. If they still want to fawn over his war reports, so be it but I think you all know the truth when you hear it.

    yep, silence from spooner after the facts were posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edstark View Post
    love the haters accusing spooner of backstabing lol...the reports clearly show sum1 or sumthin was online lol...hero lvls grow on hits...and newer heros moved in for sum1 offline to lvl ther heros up while being attked isnt sumthin u wana make public lol...mite get ur friend a ban

    nice take down spooner shame the 1st mech didnt kill more + rep
    heros constantly shuffling shows the guy was offline. No player on server 158 is defending a city with a lv 140 hero lol. I'm going to keep my mouth shut on this thread i already know how it goes smh
    another thread where the parties involved are questioning his character and motives. Wonder why so many different people are doing that can't be pure convienence
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    wow, huge, huge loss of respect spooner - but then War always said this is who you are ..
    you didn't show for the agreed on time
    Warmutt had the opportunity to hit then and he waited for you
    But you did the exact opposite of him
    The deal was two hosts fighting .. that's not what happened now is it?
    If I were you I wouldn't brag
    Warmutt .. your right again!

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    The next time I have to clean this thread up from insults, threats, harassment, trolling, spamming, or anything else it's getting closed and said party is getting heavily infracted. Just an FYI.

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    oh even worse knowing spooner KNEW you could have attacked while he was offline and didn't

    ... so he does understand what an honorable fight is ...

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    If no one, or no THING, was online, then why are there different defending heroes? I'm not defending spooner, or Mutt, but that is just a question i would like to pose. You say you were not online, yet you had different heroes defending your city, why was this? It could not have been your alliance, simply because you told us you took out the Embassy, and it could not have been you, because you were asleep. What was it that caused these changes?

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    Please don't be coy. Every single person here knows exactly what it was including the moderators.

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    Just thought I'd ask. Not as if Evony truly does anything about it.


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