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Thread: BigNorr (War) vs Stoney (CondemnD) 1v1 Both Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoneyss54 View Post
    anyways this what its about learning and the game is more fun this way ive take all on board and we will go round 2 in a few weeks
    oh one other quick thing now im sure youve been reading some ram wr's you see one of those bad boys coming depending on the attacking hero, defending hero doesnt matter so much as long as its like 350 or over and if your in a mech D you need to make sure #1 either lvl up ballys and pults or time in min of 200k of arch for the ram hit cause they can take down the whole mech D walls and all depending on what you have for a D set up.doesnt matter if 5k or CD either

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    also if they time in say a big mech leading the mini's just have your gates ready to go once you see your screen blink just close gates and your will kill the works that way long as there isnt wall clearer hits stuck in amongst the timed waves (just throwing that out there you prob all ready know that anyway)

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    Norr stop posting stuff i've already seen!

    Rep bump activate
    Quote Originally Posted by .H0bbit View Post
    i understand u trying to explain battle mechanics and so on, and like i said not saying u are wrong, i know people that send the same wave of certain numbers, not cause it works, and they know better waves to do it and better results, but they send it cause they like the look of the numbers.
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    Nice fight Norr (+rep owed, must spread), and a solid defence Stoney. (+rep)

    sounds like it was a fun battle. Good luck to both of you when round 2 occurs

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    Pitty true battles like this is a dying bread now. rep paid guys.

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    Awesome thread Nor. Probably one of the best BR's I've seen on the forums (not that I'm surprised). Big props to Stoney for taking part and being a good sport about sharing. We need more of this stuff on the forums. Looking forward to round 2!

    + rep to Stoney
    Nor - I owe you like 10 reps (11 now), but I gotta share more.
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    Nice hits Nor, +Rep (Will rep after i spead it around)
    and Nice defences Stoney +Rep

    Nice to see people fighting fairly
    Thanks to Morgan La Fey for amazing Pic

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    Very nice man had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through.... nice way to end it as well never see that anywhere it seems

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    nice hits but whats up with sb with an instant pult hero?!?!?

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    wow great hits, and great level of sportsmanship
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