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Thread: Assassin's Creed III

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    I don't think that Ubisoft is that retarded to kill one of their best series.
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    That's just funny.

    Jannge is awesome.

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    Well I personally prefer story modes/campaign what ever you prefer to call it and while I loved Red Dead Redemption (mainly because the length of most story modes is short now due to multiplayer) However my favourite single player game was Assassins Creed II. However while I have enjoyed the last two games I feel the standard has dropped, whatever happens I will borrow the game rather than buy it because I generally complete the game within a few days and therefore it isn't worth my 40 for a 5 day game.
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    Well, if you are gonna put it that way, it kinda means that you pay for something that you NEVER receive. As your game account doesn't belong to you at all, you pay Evony for a service, Evony receives the payment AND Evony receives the service you ordered.
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    I personally wanted it to be in greece...With its great armies and everything.


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