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Thread: Something Exciting is Coming May 6th

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    So I have to wonder will this cause 4 servers at once to begin so as one server doesnt have an advantage over another? Or is it only going to apply to existing servers?

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    Default hmmmmmmmm wonder if this is it
    CALLING ALL SYDNEYSIDERS! We need testers located in the Sydney area to help make a tool being developed even better. We'll be travelling to a few universities as well as holding tests in Sydney, so there's quite a few locations to choose from.

    For an upcoming product, we are looking for volunteers to test it out and provide some feedback. Its expected from volunteers to take about half an hour. On the completion of the test, each tester will receive a $25 iTunes card as a way of saying thanks from us!

    Signing up for this particular test is fast, just send us an email below about yourself and well be in contact with you shortly to arrange a test with you. Want to have your friends take part too? Fantastic, just share this with them so they can get the iTunes card too.

    Sign up. Check out some cool software and tools you don't have to download. Get the $25 iTunes card. Easy!

    So who are we looking for to test? See if you match these requirements:
    1) Use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, G+
    2) Have an iPhone.
    3) Are currently enrolled at a university in the Sydney area.

    Were looking for you!

    The Next Step

    Write us an email at with the following:

    1) Application must clearly demonstrate your experience, education, current enrollment and contact details.
    2) You must attach a CV
    3) You must include a few dates and times that are convenient for you so we can schedule tests with you.
    4) Subject line must include "Mobile Tool Testers Sydney"
    Im normally the quiet type. I only speak up if u screw up.

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    Am wondering at this point if this aether 1 is just something to be added to both ages and that is gonna make things worse in both ages. Knowing evonys history of adding things usually back fires and makes thing worse rather then better.

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    Unfortunately only one clue was solved correctly. I will be closing the threads until may 6th is closer and then do one large update.

    There has been a lot of good and wild guesses, and it had been a lot of fun.

    In the update each clue will be discussed and aether-1 revealed. Thanks for playing!


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