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Thread: Aether-1 Clue #1 Discussion

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    the only thing i am thinking about is they would not have added the txt to that picture if it did not mean anything

    Went and chatted today with team. Running across design schematics and test plans. Looked at the past for the future

    so look into the past to see teh future must be a key of some kind

    just have to figure out where it fit in

    the pregame for tetris - or for evony ? - or historical speaking or maybe aboout something evolving

    but i am sure it is importent that both hints in this clue is about puzzles and make a bigger whole from smaller parts

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    PRIMA - an anagram of MIR and AP (Alexey Pajitnov)

    Prima is a multiple rocket launch system that the soviet army put into service in 1988

    Other possibilities include Priam - King of Troy and a new software recently launched or Primal (if you include L from Alexeys middle name but Thalin didnt confirm the whole name).


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