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Thread: NA42 CARNAGE Alliance Recruitment

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    Default NA42 CARNAGE Alliance Recruitment

    We are the CARNAGE Alliance, this alliance is led by experienced players from age 1 ( s120/ss42 s24 and age 2 experience NA22) we are willing to train new players and experienced players are welcome as well. Home state will be Swabia.


    This is for us to know and you to find out hehe.

    ALL MEMBERS MUST be active in alliance chat.
    ASK an officer+ if you need help building troops/cities etc.
    MUST build troops, the amount of cities you have doesn’t mean anything if you DON’T HAVE THE TROOPS TO DEFEND THEM.
    Report troop counts weekly or biweekly to the host in order to make sure members are growing and staying active.

    Joining information
    Post on this thread asking to join.
    E-Mail: or
    Facebook contact with dlherndon1 e mail.
    We will also handle diplomacy ont his thread aswell.

    Member count- 10

    Host (1/1)- Leads the alliance with the assistance of the Vice Host.

    Vice Host (1/2)- Handles diplomacy, recruitment, and military affairs.

    Presbyter (0/5)- Helps with recruitment and making sure members are building their armies correctly.

    Officer (0/10) – Helps with recruitment.

    Alliance Rules
    1. Respect ALL members of the alliance.
    2. NO flaming, spamming, or insulting of any sort to ANY alliance member, allied alliance member, OR hostile alliance members.
    3. Obey ALL orders from a higher rank unless it breaks an alliance rule, evony rule, or real life law.
    4. NEVER give out cords in alliance or world chat only whisper cords to alliance members if you need resources, getting attacked, or giving a city away.
    5. ABSOLUTLY no spying on OUR alliance or ANY enemy alliance anyone caught doing so will be kicked and ZEROED.

    If you break the rules….

    You face the possibility of being kicked or demoted that will be decided by the host and VH’s.
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    On a lighter note GL on 42

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    GL on 42

    From The Lands Of Middle Earth Only The Strong Will Stand


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