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Thread: How to beat the bots?

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    Default How to beat the bots?


    I'm wondering how the game can possibly be won when there are so many botters now? How can you defeat a city that has a bot running, gathering resources, has its gates shut, has auto build WD's and keeps raising the loyalty automatically.

    Is this now the point in the game where we just give up now that most of the server is bot controlled?

    Complaints to Evony amount to nothing at all as no action is taken. Sure, I hear the words but see nothing done about it. 2 years I've put into this and now it's at a dead end - PvP is no more................

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    Default BOts

    U won't be able to take take the city if it is set up right. to get resorses take all his valleys so he can't move resorses out then time trans with other Attacks. The bot will close gates to scout bombs. or any other kind of spam. if u send over 1k troops it doesn't count as spam for EG: 1kcav 500scouts.
    There is already ready a thread about this.

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    The question was a little tongue in cheek. I know there isn't a way to beat a botted city. We've been trying for days now. I know now that on the server I've played on for 2 years one particular alliance at least, has an entire sister alliance dedicated to botted accounts which are suz'd by their host who then drafts them with an absolutely rediculous number of troops. This then makes the game, for us non-botted alliances a complete waste of time and money. How can you compete against an alliance full of botters? The answer is you cannot. Therefore you have 2 choices. You can either quit the game or do as they do and bot yourself. It seems the latter is completely acceptable as nothing is done about the original botters. It's just become such a common practice that it is now mandatory to get anywhere.

    And involving anyone from Evony achieves nothing at all. Like I said, I see lips moving but all I can hear is blah blah blah because that is the response I get back - blah blah blah.

    So it wasn't really a 'Gee, I hope someone can gimme a guide to defeating a botted city' question but rather the last sign off from someone who has played for so long yet sees that the game has turned to custard. It is out of control and nobody wants to fix the issue.

    In addition: I find it absolutely incomprehensible that Evony have not only allowed a thread on how to beat a botter but have actually been asked to allow it WHICH THEY DID. This only serves to prove, beyond any doubt, that Evony has also given up the good fight and has actually endorsed a guide on how to defeat a botter. If I was in 2 minds before then it has certainly been made up. Evony has resigned to the fact that botters are here to stay. Good grief!!!!!
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    This has come up again and again, and the answer is that there is, obviously, no way to effectively fight a botter. The current system in place of loyalty raising (every 15minutes for a comfort, unlimited usage of Speech Texts) combined with the fact that it takes a minimum of 72 minutes to capture a HC makes it virtually impossible to capture from a human that is playing, let alone from a computer program.
    And, as already mentioned in the proceeding Posts, Evony has, for the most part, washed its hands of the situation. The only real way to put an end to botting would be to have evony intercede; however, when the only color they see is green, non-green producing servers are of absolutely no consequence, and therefore, time shouldn't be wasted on them.

    I wish there was a viable answer to this question, and I wish I had one (my alliance has been fighting botting accounts for about 3 months straight now), but, there nothing that we can do except plead with evony to intercede. The ultimate irony, and hypocrisy, is that evony has absolutely no regards when it comes to upholding a uniform structure in this game. Of course, the so-called "good-bugs" (for the player), like multi-farming, need to be instantaneously removed, but the negative bugs can stay indefinitely. If they upheld a uniform enforcement of their rules, I would not have as much of a problem with botters, however, we all know that they do not. They claim that they remove such bugs like that to "equalize" the playing field, and make it a "fun and fair environment for all players", but what does this mean? While they remove bugs such as multi-farming, they leave bugs and ignore problems such as botting.

    This, however, is a major tangent...There is no solution to your problem until evony decides to step in
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    Of all the posts I have read inside here yours would have to be the most accurate of them all.

    The worst aspect of this game, without a doubt, has now become the botters.

    It has not only made the game unplayable for those that wish not to bot but the frustration of attacking someone's 14, with multiple people hitting for many hours, against someones bot and gates shut, cannot be described.

    I've invested a small amount of money, nothing more than I would pay for a regular, off the shelf game, but I now think I have wasted my money. When I paid, botting wasn't an issue. We played PvP and there was an element of planning, skill and understanding of the gameplay. Now it's all out the window. You're now playing against AI which has the effect of having someone sit their account 24hrs a day. The resources, including food, issues exist no more for botters. Hell, when I scout a bot city, the resources can't even be measured because Evony can't display past the 2.1Bill across all resources. I have to spend hours farming for resources..... hours and hours.

    So yes, by removing the multitap farming and replacing it with Evony endorsed botting is, as you said, simply hypocritical.

    There is absolutely no fun any more. I can't remember ever being this frustrated with a game where the outcome will always be the same. You cannot beat the bot, therefore, you cannot play Evony without botting yourself. I guess this is why Evony accept it. They can't remove it, no, correction, they WILL NOT remove it so what option have you got?

    Shame on you Evony. You have taken my money and sold me a lemon. Where are you? Where are the answers to my alliances pleas to have the most obvious botters removed from our server? It cannot be any more obvious than it already is. Re-attach yourself to the game and have a look for yourself.

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    Default Beginner Bot Question

    My question is more simple. My experience from online poker is that bots are used for financial gain. How does a bot produce a gain? If there is no financial gain, why do people have them?

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    The purpose of online poker is to win money. The best way to get ahead in Evony is a little more complicated.

    Build troops:
    Bots gather resources automatically and continuosly.
    Bots fill their barracks automtically.
    They have a 'Sister' alliance full of botted accounts building troops for them and moving the troops to one main city.
    They Suz all the cities of their 'Sister' alliance and draft everyday.
    They effectively have an 1 account with the potential of building troops using hundreds of cities full of barracks. Their troop building ability is huge.

    Resources and food.
    To feed all those troops they need food.
    They have their account botting while they are off, or even online, and continually farm level 4 and 5 NPC's never losing troops.
    They have 10 cities doing this and the bot moves the reources to their troop cities. Usually HC's.

    To maintain growing troop numbers they must retain the ones they have.
    They simply place their troops in a HC or/and war cities and have the bot defend for them.
    The bot can open/shut gates against attacks.
    It can raise loyalty autoamtically.
    It can build your wall defences automatically
    It can send out attacks. Both spam and heavy attacks.
    It can replenish hero's when it loses them in attacks to continue sending spam attacks.
    It can hide resources and troops automatically when they are offline.
    They shut their gates, the bot tops up their wall defences and raises the loyalty and, I don't care what people say, you cannot take that city nor hit their troops. All the time, they are growing stronger and stronger.

    It can build and upgrade cities
    It can build NPC fields full of NPC 5's for farming
    Upgrade your hero and build level 100's automatically
    Farm for medals
    Auto use items
    Auto trade resources
    Colonise, policy, gem gathering, autostar uprade etc etc.

    The bot can do what you do but do it continually and more efficiently than you can. I watched a botted city by scouting it continually for a few hours and watched it at work and it was, I hate to say it, poetry in motion. I also went to a popular bot program site and have read the Wiki page on it and am astounded at its capabilities.

    So, when they have had enough of my alliances 'ant' attacks, they simply take one of those war cities, with millions and millions of troops and port over to one of mine, or my members cities, and wipe it clean. So, you ask, why don't we shut our gates and build traps? Sure, for 8 hours or so then life takes over. Come back and your cities and troops are no more.

    So why keep playing when you know that there is only going to be one outcome? When you know that you can never EVER defeat an alliance that is full of botted accounts? I don't really know. I guess I hope that Evony will pay attention to the continual reporting of players, to the emails and to these forums to actually do something about it. But to date, nothing has transpired and, to be honest, I've lost faith that anything will happen.

    So I will gripe on here because I don't know what else to do short of joining them and botting away also but you know who will get caught don't you

    Not them, but me.............

    As an after thought, perhaps you thought that people needed to pay for these bots? No, in some cases you can get a bot which can do practically all of the above for zero cost. Look it up, most of what I reported here I took off their website which have all the instructions on what to do, and how to do it, and it's all FREE FREE FREE.......
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