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    If you are a veteran (or almost veteran!) member of these forums--and are interested in helping to keep the forums clean, on-topic and spam free--then we need you! Just submit the following application to Dawnseeker via PM. Any application that does not follow the format will be automatically declined.
    Forum Name:

    Real Name:


    Evony Experience:

    Prior Forum Mod Experience:

    What do you think a Forum Moderator does? (hint: read the forum rules):

    When do you frequent the forums and how often?:

    Why should you be chosen as a Forum Moderator?:

    Your application will be saved for 3 months, you may be accepted when a forum moderator slot opens in the future. Feel free to apply again if its been more than 3 months. Thanks!
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    Nathan Seltzer
    Evony Community Manager

    Evony staff will never ask for your password.


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