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Thread: 2012-03-15 Server 160 Reports

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    Default 2012-03-15 Server 160 Reports

    Server 160 was taken offline for a brief period just a moment ago. During that time, we've optimized the reports when you attack NPCs/valleys, scouting as well as trading on this server.

    These reports will be shown on the chat channel and will not be saved on the report page. You will not see others, you will only see your own reports. There will be some who will have an invalid request response when trying to review the report that is a few hours old. We're aware of that issue.

    This is a temporary fix while we continue to work on this server and issue. Will update more tomorrow.
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    In about two hours from now on maintenance, we'll be adjusting so that your reports on 160 will be as follows:

    Appearing on world chat channel:
    - NPC attacks
    - Valley attacks
    - Trading reports

    Appearing in normal reports in Report column:
    - Scouting
    - PvP battles
    - Any attacks lost

    Please remember, only you will see your report that appears on world channel.
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