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Thread: March Madness 2012

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    Default March Madness 2012

    Figured I'd start up this thread for all my fellow sport fanatics. Who's going for who? I am currently 6 for 6 on my bracket, and hopefully 8 for 8 tonight.

    Kansas//NC State

    I have Kansas and Kentucky advancing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SickbyDefinition View Post
    moved to entertainment.
    Thanks Sick!

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    Me i got none i could care less about my bracket got screwed on day 2

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    I had Ohio State over Kansas in the Final Four. I was guaranteed a first place bracket had Ohio State won. Lost the game, lost the bracket. Jared Sullinger went 5-19 that game, and Ohio State lost by two. Needless to say, I will not be joining the Jared Sullinger bandwagon anytime soon. I finished in 4th place in my pool, 94th percentile on ESPN, and ended up with no money.

    My Biggest Hits
    Louisville over MSU
    Ohio over Michigan
    USF over Temple
    Cincy over FSU
    3/4 of Final Four
    6/8 of Elite 8

    My Biggest Misses
    UNLV in the Elite 8
    Belmont over G-Town
    Harvard over Vandy
    Mizzou in Final Four
    Wichita State Sweet 16


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