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Thread: SOTW #66 [Voting]

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    Arrow SOTW #66 [Voting]

    Greetings and welcome to the 66th Signature of the Week Contest - Voting!

    Theme for this week is Winter Wonderland!

    Voting ends: 11:59 PM (-5 GMT), Saturday, 31st of March 2012.

    Voting rules are as follows:
    1. All contestants must vote before the end of the voting period. Failure to vote immediately disqualifies the contestant from the SOTW.
    2. Contestants cannot vote for themselves.
    3. Only members with Knight title and above can vote.
    4. You are to choose your top three picks, and list them accordingly, including reasons/C&Cs about each one. Votes without these will not be counted.
      Please follow this format:
      1st place / 3 points: Ravenshwiiiinggg - wonderful execution of idea, vibrant colors, great lighting. Can use some work on the text, but overall it's a nice piece.
      2nd place / 2 points: BoxyFunny - the lighting is a bit off, there are a few grainy areas, but the render used is brilliant and the C4Ds used complement the tag very well.
      3rd place / 1 point: Lawnsweeper - a bit monotone and the text is unreadable, but the background is great and I think it makes the render stand out.
      Don't forget to vote in the poll (above) for the SOTM's first theme!
    5. Only one place/rank per contestant that you vote. Doing otherwise will invalidate the rest of your votes.
    6. Votes garnered from alt accounts will not be counted and the individual will be summarily removed from the SOTW, and will be banned from joining the next one. (Yeah we can check your IPs, so don't bother. )
    7. Soliciting for votes is prohibited. Anyone doing so will also be removed from the contest.
    8. If the voting period has already ended, but the thread is still left open, anyone can still vote. (Following the IB4TL tradition.)
    9. All questions / discussions about the voting process should be posted in the General GFX Discussion thread. Those deliberately posting discussions will be red-repped.

    Prizes for this week's SOTW are:
    • Rep points from TBA!
    • Will be sported by TBA.
    • Your name (and link to shop, if applicable) featured.

    With that said, let the voting commence! Good luck and have fun.
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    ::: The Entries :::


    Prodigy the 5



    ~ End of Entries ~

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    1st place / 3 points: l4dyh4wk great job as always. overall it is beautifully done with great boarder as always.

    2nd place / 2 points: ~Jade~ seems a bit empty but overall nicely done.

    3rd place / 1 point: DWorth seems like it was just paste of image onto background.
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    1 - l4dyh4wk - I like the sharpness and overall feel to this.
    2 - Prodigy - Good job with the flow and the whitish wind. I think the area under the "R" could have been lightened a bit using dodge so it's easier to read and maybe a border cuz the tag's edges are white on a white forum background.
    3 - Jade - I like the fogginess, but I think a little more contrast would help.

    For this one, do all of the artists who competed still post? Since there's that disqualification rule, and it's been a while since this SOTW.

    Thanks Raven for the sig

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    this game keeps pulling me back....


    1 - Prodigy / 3 points the background is impressive, and the snowboarder is nicely blended in.

    2- hawk / 2 points very nice job making the background

    3 - jade / 1 point could use a little more, but overall a great job.

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    1st place / 3 points: l4dyh4wk pretty

    2nd place / 2 points: Prodigy a bit to smudged imo but cute none the less.

    3rd place / 1 point: DWorth um .. well we all have to start somewhere

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    You have three guesses. The first two don't count.


    Hawk-3- nice and clean with good crisp lines; nice text
    Jade-2- smooth and soft with nice blending, although it could use a little more pop
    Prodigy- not a bad tag but I feel like the focal is a bit obscured

    Well thanks everyone.


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    1st place/ 3 points: Hawk - This is the best of the signatures, clear, crisp and has a clear focal point. Placement of the text works okay too. Not a huge fan of the font, but type placement on an image like this one is never easy and you did well considering.

    2nd place/2 points: Prodigy - This one is a little bit washed out. It could use more emphasis on the focal, the snowboarder. Be careful with lighting effects, they make all the difference. The light wouldn't bounce of the person so much as it would the ice. Also in a signature like this one, I wouldn't have the text over the focal as it flattens it a bit. But still pretty good.

    3rd Place/1 point - Jade: You remind me of me when I started making signatures. I was already trained as a graphic designer, but didn't really know my way around GFX. lol. They are two totally different monsters. My initial ones were quite similar to your's here. I was trying to be safe and afraid to experiment. (Actually if I went near a PS effect in my design work, professors would kill me, so FX scared me lol) Your text placement is pretty good, but don't be afraid to play around with the render placement, add C4Ds and textures. Look at a few advanced tutorials online as well to get yourself out of the stay safe zone. You do have an eye for placement which is awesome.

    DWorth - keep working on it. You need to find a basic tut on sig creation. You have the interest, you just need to see how other people do it.

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    ::: Voting Results :::

    Congratulations to l4dyh4wk!
    Second place goes to Prodigy the 5.
    Third place goes to ~Jade~.

    • Normally Hawk and DWorth would have been DQ'd for not voting. But the giant delay between the entries and the voting (and the lack of entries) warrants lenience.

    Thank you all for participating! We hope to see you in the next voting thread.

    In the meantime, SOTM #1 is now LIVE! Click here to see what the theme is.

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