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Thread: Conqour an 8 for queen quest

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    Default Conqour an 8 for queen quest

    How do I conqour an eight for the queen quest? troop amount, how many cities, heroes etc. I cant find a guide

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    depend how easily you want to conq it.

    if you're just starting out, might not have a lot of troops yet. but I would say along the lines of minimal 150k archers, 350k warriors perhaps? The more you have the easier it'll be.

    ideally have a lvl 9 or 10 rally. 10 helps out more, recommended.

    (1) Archer wave (for low lvl gear/stars)
    layers can be anything, your alliance can help you out there
    maybe something like 500 workers, 1k scouts, 2-3k warriors, 1k pike, 1k sword, the rest archers. no need for xports since you'll be taking the lvl 8.
    (2) 100k warrior wave (breaks regen)
    (3-9) or as many as you can send out. 20k warriors should be just fine.

    then repeat steps until you cap it. This is for low lvl gear mind you.

    IF you have ok gear and maybe 1.2-1.3M warriors (they're cheap and fast to build) then do the whole thing with warriors.

    You "main" wave(s) should be a high level hero. going to have to work up to get it.

    few pointers is you want to run war horn and maybe penicillin, 3% helps out. Also, try to build the lvl 8 npc right next door to your "main" city.

    meaning if you main city has a lvl 8 flat, conq it. build a city, then npc it to make a lvl 8 npc. if your flats next to your main aren't lvl 8, then wait.

    the more you are prepared hero wise, least 1-2 high lvl heroes and more troops, the easier it will be.

    Its definitely possible to have a lvl 8 by end of you 1 week bp. and a 10 maybe your 2nd week. depends on how much time you have available to put in. but, the more prepared you are for any HC/NPC lvl, the easier it will be.
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    You couldn't find any guides, you say? :P

    Here is an Age II LVL 8 NPC Conquering Guide:

    You will also need to conquer a LVL 10 NPC to get your Queen. Here are some guides to help you with that when you are ready.

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    You could take it with 200k warriors and 20k arch, but the losses aren't too good. Of course, your techs should be pretty high and you should have decent heroes.
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    Yea i helped a friend and we used 250k warriors,


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