We've seen a problem recently with some DNS servers that has caused some of our players connection issues. DNS servers are powerful web servers (generally run by your internet provider) that tell your browser where to go to get information. Sometimes they have errors or problems and that can cause your browser to fail to access a website.

While these errors are usually fixed sooner or later, some users have found that using Google's DNS servers instead of their default DNS servers has improved their ability to connect to Evony.

If you're unable to connect and consider yourself an advanced internet user (or you know someone who is), you may consider using Google DNS, which sometimes providers better results than default DNS servers.

Information on changing your DNS to Google can be found here: https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/

Note: Entering the settings incorrectly can cause you to be unable to surf the web. We are not responsible for any alterations to your internet settings, nor do we guarantee this will work. This information is intended to provide direction for advanced users to get self-help.