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Thread: What to Upgrade?

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    Wow, why so mean to new players. You evil trolls. :P When any of us were starting out in the first few weeks, we were all just dumb as bricks.

    Rally spot first, walls for defense, feasting hall for 10 heroes, (these are the three most important) only then do you bother to upgrade the TH. In the beginning, having defenses and the ability to send out 10 farming runs at once is important to speed up resources. You will also need the rally spot at 10 in order to send enough troops to farm a level 10 NPC when you have enough troops. I am sure there is a proper tutorial thread on this somewhere on the forums.

    That being said, on starting a new server, I did go in the WC and ask super noob questions just to see what kind of creative answers I'd get. People are so mean lol. I had a few whipsers from nice people who told me the truth. There is some hope out there haha!

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    on wc this morning (163) ppl kept telling these noobs to build 12 warehouses

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    163? You moved on again? damn.. You almost remind me of me. Minus the heroes, troops, cities and obvious talent. haha

    How is 163 Thalric?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roisina View Post
    That being said, on starting a new server, I did go in the WC and ask super noob questions just to see what kind of creative answers I'd get. People are so mean lol. I had a few whipsers from nice people who told me the truth. There is some hope out there haha!
    I once convinced some guy to send 10 waves of three workers across the map in order to hit a 'special' b3 that would give him unreal amounts of prestige. Pure noobs are rare these days but another favourite one of mine was the dragon quest which involved capping a higher level of swamp with certain waves in order to get a huge castle on map view. Or the classic trap a player in a dummy alliance by giving him host and quitting the alliance.

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    I haven't done anything that mean. I would normally help a noob with starting up lol.

    The most I have done is the "hover over my name and hit alt+4" trick when noobs asked how to whisper me. Can't believe people still fell for that one. Heheheeh!
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    Ive hate on noobs i do alt f4 but ive done people needing resources geting cords and giving a suprise :Insert evil grin pic: I love noobs

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