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Thread: City Walls Capturing Hero's

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    I think this is a valid question. If the defender closes gates on attacks, he should not be able to capture heroes. It is a big flaw in the game mechanics that makes this possible. Evony reps was on the forum saying you can lose your hero even by farming NPCs. Which proves how little they know about their own game. Glitches and "little black holes" in their system makes heroes run away sometimes too. It's stupid, and they wont change it. Simply because heroes are the main reason someone coins. If you lose your best hero on any server, you might consider starting over on a new server.

    In the end this is all about money and BAD BAD BAD programming and customer service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImInsane View Post

    In the end this is all about money and BAD BAD BAD programming and customer service.
    Ya think?
    Because if you throw a hero at a wall, he might not survive.
    You can lose a batlle against a closed (emptied) wall so you can lose that last bit of loyalty aswell.. so your hero aswell.
    That is, if that was the case.

    Besides that you are right tho. I know of plenty cases.
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    'The Luda',

    The wave sent was a scout bomb with a level 100 Hero, loyalty of the Hero was 100.

    Walls had no defences in them, the gates were closed and there were no troops in the city.

    Whilst the battle was lost in rounds only, no troops died yet the Hero was captured.

    Given the game is meant to have a realistic base to it, the question stands as to how an empty city with no troops and no defences can capture an Hero.
    Who grabs the Hero? - Fresh Air perhaps? (nasty bugger that fresh air you know!)
    Or has he defected with 95 loyalty?

    Which then brings us on to loyalty, whats the point in loyalty if you can lose your hero regardless of how loyal he/she is? Best get rid of loyalty hey if it means nothing in the game anymore?
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