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Thread: 1v1 on 157

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    Default 1v1 on 157

    Ported in a cluster of ESN.

    Scout Wave #1 -
    Scout Wave #2 -

    Player (Tal) was moving archers in and out of the city. So sent a naked mech.

    Naked mech:

    (Yes, was costly but he was toying with troops in between waves. Could have been done ALOT cheaper. No flaming.)

    Few Dirty SBs -

    Cleaner -

    Props for Tal for opening gates...ESNDMF turtles alot, lol.

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    looks like it was a good fight, Well done for being the victor, and props to the foe for having the cahones to open gates.

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    I wouldnt say it was a spectacular battle, but still goodwork for besting him while online
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    This is just a thread where two guys went at it and had a lot of fun, no spectacular reports but how often do you get a spectacular report and the guy stays to fight. Nice battle
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    No it wasn't "awesome" by any means, just impressed that I finally found one of these guys that claim to be the best open gates.

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    nice its hard to find ppl who open there gates on 157, decent mech hit on him too if a lil costly but at least you broke his city ^__^

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    Teehee looks like fun nice Naked Mech
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    Not bad actually.


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