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Thread: Server ss61 Additional Maintenance

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    Default Server ss61 Additional Maintenance

    Update: During the restart we found a serious hardware problem with the server. We need to replace this hardware before bringing the server back online. We estimate 1-2 hours to complete the maintenance. Sorry for the delay1

    Update: Looks like we need a brief restart after all (sorry!) so we'll get it back online ASAP.

    Update: It looks like this fix is going live without taking the server offline. Let's hear it for hotfixes!

    We're restarting ss61 to fix a latency issue. The engineers are telling me this should take less than an hour. We'll notify you when its back up!
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    The hardware is now in final testing. Should be live soon!
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    The server is back!

    Unfortunately, battle reports were lost in the hardware failure. Our server team tried to save them but they were simply unrecoverable. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
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