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Thread: Treb Training

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    Pure treb training for the XP you would demolish, get the stone back, rebuild etc. etc. - that's the quickest way of getting XP.

    I think what you are talking about Michelson is port farming - build the trebs then attack from an alt/another player to get item drops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelson View Post
    Sorry to bump, but, why are people talking of "taking down"?
    Arent you supposed to attack another city with trebs for the experience?
    So why would anyone take them down?
    Because you use holy water to turn your hero into an insta treb hero, if you are the person with the instant treb hero you can't exactly hit your own trebs now can you....
    And before you say about swapping hero's with people, with hero's that high and drop rates that bad its not happening....
    Of course your way works if your friend has the instant treb hero but I don't believe that is the point the OP wanted explained.
    Quote Originally Posted by ImInsane View Post
    Well, if you are gonna put it that way, it kinda means that you pay for something that you NEVER receive. As your game account doesn't belong to you at all, you pay Evony for a service, Evony receives the payment AND Evony receives the service you ordered.
    Have truer things been said?


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