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Thread: Unusual Losses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talbot View Post
    I just attacked a lvl 9 hill. I attacked with 10911 archers.

    The hill defended with:
    4563 warriors
    1546 pikes
    1030 swords
    1030 archers

    I lost 5817 archers!! The exercise simulation predicted a loss of 235.

    I attacked a lvl 9 hill just a few minutes before with 10300 arches.

    6321 warriors
    2142 pikes
    1428 swords

    and here I lost zero archers. What gives? (server 161)


    Yesterday I had losses of 400 to 800 archers against lvl 8 valleys that just had warriors, pikes, and swords defending. There should have been 0 lossses, I think.
    Adding a pike and sword will help

    Best wishes to those who were in ICECOLD, MERC, HONOR on 131, SOLACE on 144, thePack2 on 158

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    Quote Originally Posted by MzPretzel View Post
    anyone know why this 30k scout bomb targeted 1k warriors when there was 54k archers in my city? i was in adv. tele cooldown and healing between each hit.
    Much more polite to start your own thread but in answer to your question I'm guessing the attacker's compass was around level 7? That's the reason - broken techs do odd things to the mechanics compared to when everyone has them maxed.


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