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Thread: tinyiest WR ever

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    Default tinyiest WR ever

    Hi yall I wanted to show a defense report from na42 which opened only 5 days after this report so no big troops but a good defense worthy of the forums I hope

    I just logged in to rebuild the wall defenses too!
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    Yep, She failed a completely random attack. The person hitting you forgot that you had enough layers to survive a lot of rounds therefore giving your archers firing space QUICK work of an not so good enemy. +rep from me!

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    well defended although to be fair it wasn't a great attack - i'm sure that HH helped a little bit in helping you defend nonetheless lol

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    its ok for the beginning of a server. plus his hero was crappy so i hope he didn't expect to win. and yes the number of rounds matters for waves like that. i have used waves like those before for a cheap and effective way to kill warriors once range setters and most other layering is gone. In you case u had rangesetters so they went splat.
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