Its hard to believe its been three years since Evony launched! We've seen millions of players and been through our share of excitement, but the fun is just beginning!

We're sending all of our players a free gift tomorrow that you'll be able to claim when you log in on Saturday. Its just a small token of our esteem and our way of saying thank you for making Evony such a fun and unique war strategy game!

Today, we're having a one-day sale on Silver Keys, which let you open a chest you might have left over from a previous promotion. They are a steal at 50 Cents from the shop, and the Happiness Package is still in effect for $30 or more.

We'll have another offer later in the weekend that we are sure you will like as well, but you'll have to login to find out about it!

We're so thrilled to have loyal, fun and dedicated players who have supported us and each other over the years. We're honored that you are all playing our game, and we hope to keep improving and building upon our success with Evony for years to come!

From all of us on the Evony Team, thank you!