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Thread: DOUBLE CENTS Today and Tomorrow ONLY!

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    Default DOUBLE CENTS Today and Tomorrow ONLY!

    It’s been a great birthday weekend so far but we’re not done yet! We’re wrapping up Evony’s Third Birthday celebration with a bang! Yep, DOUBLE CENTS is here for TODAY and TOMORROW only!

    Whether you’ve been with us for all three years, or you just joined us, we’re glad you’re here! That’s why we’re offering the most-requested promotion, Double Cents!

    If you make a purchase of $10, you’ll get 200 Cents instead of 100. If you purchase $30, you’ll get 600 Cents instead of 300! And don’t forget, the Evony Happiness Package is included with all purchases of $30 or more!

    This is an easy way to get a ton of great Evony items like On War, Excalibur and Aries Amulets, but the deal will be gone after tomorrow, so don’t wait!

    Thanks for helping make Evony such a success, and we look forward to many more years of battle!

    We’ll see you on the battlefield,

    The Evony Team

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Double Cents offer is valid only to new purchases during the specified period. Double Cents offer is not valid with AutoCents. Offer is valid now and ends on May 7th.Evony Happiness Package offer includes an Evony Happiness Package with a purchase of $30 or more, and it may be combined with the Double Cents offer.
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    Yes, Prinzess title at half the price!
    Quote Originally Posted by cushseth View Post
    Pretty useless statement.. He coulda cleared him if he was terrible or offline? Why if statements exist on these forums are beyond me. We all know what could happen, reports section is for showing off what did happen. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a report.

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    A server or two has the incorrect splash screen on the log on intro

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    I wish i had known this before i brought cents to buy keys

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    Quote Originally Posted by david_k700 View Post
    I wish i had known this before i brought cents to buy keys
    Actually, the Silver Key Promotion ran out the day Dobule Cents began
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