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    The following article is about mech defense and may be a bit advanced for the help and question subforum. Unfortunately I don't have permission to post elsewhere.

    It's a defense guide for an advanced server, with high troop counts and good gear and I don't explain commonly used terms like scout bombs.It does have some pictures though.
    It's about Age II, Age I mech defense is similar but not the same.

    Defense type: 5k
    Abatis are usually best, they don't get taken out by scout bombs, last longer then traps and are much faster to build than treb.

    40-60k ballista
    20-30k pults

    Hero: Attack gear
    You want to one-shot attackers, so use attack gear.


    Mech, Archer Rainbows and Arch/Cav
    Pure mech defense will take out mech hits or archer rainbows with little or no losses.

    Scout bombs:
    You absolutely need a scout bomb cover otherwise your mech can be scout bombed down in a few hits. You can use scouts, warriors, rams or archers for it.
    Warriors (or any other type melee unit) will get taken out by mech hits and you loose your sb cover
    Scouts are of course vulnerable to people scouting you down, which can be done by a whole alliance from a distance.
    Also scouts react differently from other units so results can sometimes be unpredictable.
    Scout bomb hitting scouts, hero in intel gear:
    Scout bomb hitting ballista, hero in attack gear
    With larger numbers of scouts, scout bombs will hit scouts even when the hero is in attack gear. For this amount of mech and this hero ca 3.5 mill+ scouts would probably be safe to use.
    Rams and archers are fairly expensive as scout bomb covers.

    Delayed Scout Bombs
    Scouts mixed with other units. The other unit attacks, gets killed and then the scouts charge. Meanwhile your mech have moved some and the charging scouts will hit the ballista.
    If you looked at the previous reports you will notice that in every report where the attacker had a small amount of scouts, some ballista were hit. The ballista were killed by the scouts.
    Even small spam waves will take out ballista.
    Larger number of scouts will take out more:

    To counter this you need a small amount of units that move faster than ballista, warriors will do. then the scouts will attack those.
    As you can see 9 warriors here prevented the loss of almost 5k ballista compared to the previous report.

    Attackers will try to take out your abatis. Once you loose your abatis you're vulnerable to all kinds of attacks, cav/archers, cav smacks, phract smacks etc. Keep building abatis, have a very good poli hero to build them as quickly as possible, keep them queued, in batches of 10 till your down below ca 80-100 abatis, then batches of 5, then 2 then 1. Switch to traps when you're close to 0 and don't want to close gates.
    Close gates before you run out completely. Then queue 50 or 100 abatis and go have a coffee (or whatever beverage of your choice), get something to eat, use the bathroom etc. and get ready to open again when the abatis are finished. Warehouses are very useful in cities/hc under attack, they allow you to keep some food and resources so you can queue walls.
    Keep many spots in your feasting hall empty. Capture spam heros and release them. This will slow down spam considerably, even bot spam will be slowed by this because they need to get new heros. Bots often get a new hero only when all heros are gone, so you can make sure to leave 1 hero uncaptured. A single spam is easy to deal with and sooner or later that one will run out of energy.

    Mech defense is very vulnerable to cav and phract smacks. To counter them you need to make sure you stay in 5k defense and you need to be sure you have a good hero and enough mech to one-shot attackers (phract have a lot of life) or have some warriors and/or pike that can absorb the hits.

    Warrior Wall
    A variation of the mech defense is mech defense with ca 1 mill warriors. Add a few pike and/or cav as needed. The warriors will absorb almost any of the above mentioned threats. If the attackers send a lot of mech, camp the warriors but make sure you can recall quickly if needed.

    Comments and discussion is appreciated. It's possible I may add some more battle reports and elaborate a bit more but don't hold your breath.

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    most of those waves are comtemptuously badly put together... quite easy to defend against..
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    Quote Originally Posted by aragog007 View Post
    most of those waves are comtemptuously badly put together... quite easy to defend against..
    Even if they where correctly layered they would have splatted.


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