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Thread: Customer Service?

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    Default Customer Service?

    I have addressed several important issues via the Help Center over the past three weeks, and have yet to get anything other than an automated response from the Help System that my mails were received. Then on one of my requests, I even got a "Customer satisfaction Survey" asking me if the person who responded to me (nobody) had given me the information I needed to solve my problem (none) and if I was satisfied with the service received (what service?). I have yet to hear from an actual human at Evony regarding any of my help tickets, or gotten any kind of resolution. Who handles these things and how long does it usually take to resolve a ticket??

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    If its been 3 weeks, I doubt the Help Center is going to address your issue. Your best bet at this point is to hope someone of importance here (they know who they are) sees this and can hook you up with some help.

    Many others have the same issue as you, so you are not alone. Again, maybe my YELLING will help you get the attention you need. Best of luck.

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    lol @ the naivety - Penguin I love your innocence

    When you play evony you have to just accept that there will be no customer service/support if you have a problem. Occasionally their CS exceeds that target but it's a rare phenomenon. If you are ok with that then play the game which can be great fun, if you want good CS then you are in the wrong place. Simples.

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    Evony customer service couldnt possibly get any worse, i have raised soo many issues over the last weeks, and get no reponse with the tickets.

    I finally decided to raise the issues with dawnseeker, and that was ignored too.

    Some idiot sent me 60k mails and spammed my acc, and that causes such lag that i cant possibly do anything.

    How does evony expect one to play in such circumstances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saboteurr View Post
    How does evony expect one to play in such circumstances.
    I'm fairly sure that they don't care whether you can play or not only that you can still pay. Why anyone still coins on this game is beyond me though.

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    Customer service bad in my experiences

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    As far as I know there Isn't one unless you consider automated messages, or an answer like whatever, or we might be able to in 30 days. #1 Priority is money, customer service I wouldn't put that on their list of priorities.

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    I know, Customer Service is nonexistent ... I'm up to six unaddressed tickets now, and meanwhile an abusive player continues to create accounts and now has over *165* individual accounts taking up space on our server, most in a single state, which he uses as a means to both fill the state and port war cities in to desired locations. I would have thought such an obvious and blatant abuse would be addressed within a reasonable time.

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    dont expect them anymore.. there is no customer service in this game..
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    This thread saddens me, evony used to have good customer service in my opinion. I would usually get a reply the same day or the next day. It's been a long time since I needed to make a ticket though so maybe there customer service has gone down... Sir Penguin let me ask you did you try Thantium, Davemata, or Thanlin Athasian to see why your tickets weren't being addressed? They can respond to that sort of thing just like Dawnseeker can, however it's advisable to try Dawnseeker first. With what you said about the flat fillers if that's what all of your tickets were about, and I don't know if that's the case. Then maybe customer service didn't deal with it simply because they aren't the ones who do the server wipes for that sort of thing... However would have been nice if they had responded. Guess I've been gone longer than I thought if CS really isn't responding at all now...
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