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Thread: Customer Service?

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    This thread saddens me, evony used to have good customer service in my opinion. I would usually get a reply the same day or the next day. It's been a long time since I needed to make a ticket though so maybe there customer service has gone down... Sir Penguin let me ask you did you try Thantium, Davemata, or Thanlin Athasian to see why your tickets weren't being addressed? They can respond to that sort of thing just like Dawnseeker can, however it's advisable to try Dawnseeker first. With what you said about the flat fillers if that's what all of your tickets were about, and I don't know if that's the case. Then maybe customer service didn't deal with it simply because they aren't the ones who do the server wipes for that sort of thing... However would have been nice if they had responded. Guess I've been gone longer than I thought if CS really isn't responding at all now...
    Takes 5 days for a response, 30 days+ untill they might do something. Like I've said before it's one person trying to manage all evonys problems, doesn't make sense this game earns sht loads of money and no matter how much complain nothings getting better about Evony and there are a few new up and coming games very similar to Evony coming (Better graphics) I think it's time for a new game.

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    I have always had good experiences with evo customer service and they usually have helped me quickly. It really depends what your issue is. If you are reporting another player don't expect anything to be done anytime soon unless most of the server is complaining about them for the same reason. If it's an acct issue I havn't had any issues there but I know not all have been that lucky.


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    hi i cant opne a new thread was just wondering can i port and attack after i have adv port somwhere else so if if i port would i still be in 24 troop cooldown ty

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    24 hour cooldown aplies no matter how many times you random after. but to back on topic, ive had no issues either with CS. i get that they wont comment on who what when they arent banning ppl, frankly if ppl knew why a script would be written to get around it. the players have made the game what it is today, so alot of you have the lost the right to complain!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thatcat View Post
    ...the players have made the game what it is today, so alot of you have the lost the right to complain!
    When the first bot was used (last time I named it I got an infraction so won't do so here) there was an error with the way it logged into evony and plenty of people (myself included) got holidayed from using it. That was the only time that I saw evony making a concerted effort to ban botters.

    The open source code from that bot was used as the basis for most of the current ones which the devs admit are detectable if evony were to be both competent and interested. Frankly without even needing to look at things like packet data you can see who bots just by the size of their accounts, their troop counts and res stockpiles.

    People have tried to cheat at every game invented since the beginning of time and it's a joint respnsibility of the other players and any overseeing organisation to prevent this.

    In the early days of bots (before I used one myself) I did report players I saw using it but never once saw evony respond. It's at the point now where you can can report yourself for botting and still not get banned.

    I do firmly lay the blame on evony's doorstep for the prevalence of bots and alts now. They used to have the support of players and we actively tried to help and enforce the rules by reporting people. Evony ultimately were the only ones who could enforce these rules though and they chose not to. The result is what we see today.


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