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Thread: Couple Hrs Worth Form The Weekend

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    Default Couple Hrs Worth Form The Weekend

    We have competition weekends every second weekend to make gameplay more exciting, we set goals and objectives with point systems in place to decide winners, Winners get a prize of some description, this is primarily casue 158 is dead due to introduction of capcha and mass suspensions few months back, capcha no longer in place, but our server is pretty empty, they emptied flats last week, all states dropped to almost under 30%, thats how empty it is :-( (Perfect merge material evony ), these reports are just a few i evony url over space of few hrs, our wrs are 3300 pages from the weekend, so hard to keep up and get all the good 1s
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    Some nice hit's there, thanks for sharing.

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    dam hobbit, got some nice reports there. But one question, why no hits on UberFarm

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinggray22 View Post
    dam hobbit, got some nice reports there. But one question, why no hits on UberFarm
    sorry there kingray, didnt want u to feel left out so found 1 for u , just done - initial scout - scout after 1st round of cav waves
    another hit in between these 2 no report, can see from reports what it killed
    next hit cleared walls, saw no point putting into evony url - final scout, trans on way

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    Nice hits

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    Incredibly amazing hits! +1 from me you deserved it!
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    Pretty useless statement.. He coulda cleared him if he was terrible or offline? Why if statements exist on these forums are beyond me. We all know what could happen, reports section is for showing off what did happen. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a report.


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