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Thread: Black ops Zombie

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    I love nazi zombies in Black Ops...can't wait for the next one to come out!!

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    A friend had me over last night and we played zombies for a few good hours. That was so much fun, even better than Halo's Infected version. Personally I think it was much better than Nazi Zombies.
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    I probably could help you out with that, me and my friends get together to hit up some black opps and have a decent strategy down

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    i wrote this long zombie strategy and my zombie record but i hit back and i have to write it again, this its going to be shorter, here we go. I average 25+ rounds per game with or without other people( i only play with xbox friends and this is when i try). my record is round 41, about 190k points, about 2k kills this is with 2 other friends (one who lagged out at round 13 and the other lacking points by round 19, so i was a boss up to round 41) this did not save however, which made me sad

    me and 2 others friends r trying to get to round 40 plus on all zombie maps except Shangri-La. so far we have done kino of course there is no record of it though which is bs.

    my kino strategy with people:

    round 1 to 10: i stay in spawn till dog round, i dont buy the spawn wall guns unless i have to. on the dog round go upstairs and i buy the mp40, after dog round i hold out with friends untill round 8 or 9, after we turn on power and buy jug.

    round 11 to 20: i have jug, speed cola, 40k plus points, mp40, and a decent box gun.

    round 21 to 24: i have all perks on kino (sometimes mule kick, sometimes no mule kick), 75k plus points, mp40 and thunder gun(i dont trust friends with the TG and i may or may not have TG pack-a-punch) pack-a-punch, if i had a third gun it would be a pack-a-punch crossbow.

    Round 25+: i have all perks on kino, 90k plus points, mp40 and thunder gun (maybe) pack-a-punch, if i had a third gun it would be a pack-a-punch crossbow, i will be running around turning traps on and rape training.

    at the point i died which is round 41 i was bored and messing around. i died looking at the ground while kiting.

    my solo strategy on kino is really different for the early rounds. i play on xbox and fill free to add me just pm me if u want to add me.

    maps i play: kino, ascension(mostly ascension), der reiese, and shino numa (i think i spelled it wrong all well)

    Happy Hunting,
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    lol my record is lvl 26, around 756 kills

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    Highest on Kino is round 41, though I usually don't like playing myself if anyone wants to add me on ps3 my name is camaro1968blown

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    got to round 46 solo and 69(funny number hehe) with friends

    i just use mp5k and mp40 for point building and use the traps by running a big rape train

    same for der reise too

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    I mostly agree with your strartegy Prodigy, with a few differences.
    I don't get M14, I knife all zombies in lobby until round 5, and let them in on first 2-3 rounds for power-ups. Also put pistol rounds into them without killing, finish with knife, gets more points. MP40 yes. However, I move onto stage as soon as I've got enough points to get through, and get jugga-nog, AND bowie knife. Bowie knife is one hit kill until round 10, and one htis crawler guys longer. At this point I look for mystery box, but if it above stage, I go around, without opening door from stage. I get the same perks as you.

    For mystery box, I get thunder, HK21 (not RPK) and ray gun. I use HK21 as much as possible for points, and pack-a-punch it when I can. I never PAP the thunder or ray gun until the ammo is low. This is because there is almost no difference between the ray gun/thunder cannon and the PAP'd versions, except for ammo. Therefore, the PAP is useful for getting more ammo, but you can only do it once....I loop the same as you do.

    I've reached round 60 on my own (so much easier on your own) and 37 or something like that coop I think.

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    My highest record online on kino was 36. Because my teammates sucked and got me killed.

    Offline on split screen with my buddy we got to 57 before we got brought down. very fun and kino is my fav map.

    Oh and this is on 360.

    (TheBruthaHood) if you wish to add me.
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