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Thread: War reports

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkLord7 View Post
    Nice attacks! Only hic is why didnt you use your 700lvl hero with a naked mech after all the layers were gone?
    I assume you mean this hit? I definitely agree, the level700 hero would have made that hit beautiful, alas we will never see it. I'm guessing he timed it to hit after the best of his attacks maybe so the hero wasn't available but either way a much better hero should have been used, 300+ preferably. Either way, though there could be some possible improvements there were some good hits and one very good one so +rep.
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    Well, if you are gonna put it that way, it kinda means that you pay for something that you NEVER receive. As your game account doesn't belong to you at all, you pay Evony for a service, Evony receives the payment AND Evony receives the service you ordered.
    Have truer things been said?

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    thanks for the comments ofc i m not perfect lol everything i do is an experiment

    but in this battle player was on lol captchas were on the lose that messed up few camp timings and i knew he was gonna truce as he sees me (which he did after the hits and now in holiday) so it was just for the kill it was gogogo and i didnt want to lose the hero too lol and abt that 68 att hero i didnt realize i had him in the city so i just had to send what i had .

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    Those 2 other hits are awesome 2 bad he truced
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    nice very too nice lol | HAY YOU!, Me?, Yes You, ME?, YES YOU, ME!!@!? YES YOU!, JUST TEL ME WHAT U WANT!, Hi!

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    How do you get to play (all I get to do is hear about other people playing)

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    Awsome reps, i was wondering why dont you just scout him lots an lots? with 100k or 125k scouts to clear his? if ya keep using your best attack hero it looks very good you will have him down fast!

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    nice hits bro


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