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Intel heros dont throughly have a point in the game once you get better but i have 2 200 intel heros for the hell of it i use to farm 5 and get medals on a server that the drop rate sucks on also if you 0 loss 5's just train on 5's
I am on a server, where you don't get medals from any npc. Well I haven't anyway. There is something in the defense side of the Intel hero. You get the 50% heal rate at certain levels. Once this was seen as a mech hero, but now the 'big' players see it as a defense hero.

Legend has it a city with an intel hero of 850 and att of 220 is fairly formidable, and if you are online, it's very easy to ensure that is the highest attack hero in your city.


More info on the intel hero and how useful it actually is after research is here.