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Thread: npc farming or valley farming

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    Default npc farming or valley farming

    When i start on a new server, should i start off focusing on getting the techs for npc farming, or should i try and make enough archers to start farming lvl 10 valleys?

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    well as i would start off trying to get where i can farm level 5s npc the more you farm the better get your archery to level 7 hbr keep it lower than archery than make ballista
    and transports so yes start getting techs ready for npc farming
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    Well i would just make archers and farm vallies, as farming vallies if done properly is far more efficent than NPC farming and gets medals at the same time so advancing your rank, allowing you to get more cities to advance quicker.

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    Farm valleys.

    Any valley L1-3 can be farmed with 110 archers without loss. "Safe valleys" of a higher level can also be farmed without loss (given techs). Don't just concentrate on L10 valleys, I've found more medals in L8's and L9's than L10 valleys.

    Valleys give resources every hour, nice rounds of XP for your hero, extra heroes captured (I got a nice little Lancelot hero in my first week), plus medals. Additionally, if you use the double-tap'n'capture method, you can hit valleys close to you multiple times in an hour for full resources (just means you may lose a few troops this way).

    Everyone farms NPC's. They will be empty VERY soon and VERY quickly. Why strive to have the techs and troops for something that everyone is hitting? Not to mention you can only get full resources every 8hrs (if you're lucky)

    Oh... and hit flats too, they're often a better source of medals than valleys.
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    See my previous on safe farming of valleys and flats.

    Flats randomly deliver resources however, might wood, then stone then ???

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    You should not worry about farming level 10 valley's at the begging of a server. Your goal should be to farm 5's as soon as possible hopefully be able to attack them by the end of BP. If you can farm 5's as soon as you can the better chance you have to being successful in the new server. Once you can farm 5's your prestige (which does not mean anything) troop count, and hero levels increase.


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