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Thread: The News - NA1

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    yeh but now this thread will be as dead as a dodo bird bring back the

    I think that choosing between the aforementioned material (racism, profanity, nazism) and spongebob squarepants is a highly exaggerated extreme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingdeano View Post
    LOL this thread is boring gimmie back the older version of flamming cussin dissin accusations of coruption glitching ect ect ect cos this is pooo ...
    Don't tempt me to follow through with my promise on the first one. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by acer5200 View Post
    Don't tempt me to follow through with my promise on the first one. :P
    well your no sport bro

    I think that choosing between the aforementioned material (racism, profanity, nazism) and spongebob squarepants is a highly exaggerated extreme.

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    Default Easy 16 Cap

    I was asked in WC to post some reports and the circumstances around capping Beijing from BDM of Rise. So here goes.
    The attackers were LadyAsci, Haz, Hansolo and myself. We started hiting just after maint on saturday. Taking turns, on and off for 24 hours. Some people questioned our persistance. Rise members even whispered us saying 'its never gonna happen'
    But we were merely gathering information. After clearing out all resources and gold, an obvious pattern emerged.
    Loyalty would go down to 12
    Gold would appear in the city
    BDM would pray

    We ambushed his cities close to Beijing and hey presto. No more gold would appear when loyalty hit 12. After that it was all plain sailing. Gates opened at loy 5. We wiped his troops. Capped the 16.

    This was in no way an 'epic' battle. To be honest it was like shooting fish in a barrel. By far my easiest HC cap yet.

    Here's what was in the 16 when we started

    Here's a few of the clearing waves

    The finishing wave

    The capping wave

    Like I said. An easy cap
    However I have a few questions. Hopefully BDM or a representitive from Rise will come on here and answer.

    Why did you leave a 16 so poorly defended like this :-
    When you have 2 supporting cities loaded with troops like this :-

    You were obviously online feeding gold in from your normal cities, why did you not react when we ambushed them?
    Why did you not play any active defence?
    And why did no one from Rise counterport?

    Also hats off to Laney for not using the gov powers to raise loyalty. Top marks. We knew you were online as you were spinning the wheel when loyalty was at 2

    and to all the doubters, 2 words. TUER HAUSSE
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    Default Thanks Apar

    Perhaps this doesn't qualify as news, but I wanted to thank Aparhsm90 for being civil. It's refreshing to see someone posting just the facts, even being complimentary to his enemies. It's tiring to see the mudslinging from both sides. My hats off to apar for being the only player to even TRY to steal a colony. Gotta play to win. It wasn't a bad plan, but we knew it was coming, and had contingency plans in place.

    Congratulations to Richy and the gang on their 16 cap!!

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    Congrats to Richy and Khans on the clean 16 cap,nice to see big citys fall again and i guess the guy just froze upp defending off that troop force. Apharsm90 is always polite so hats of to you to .

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    Thanks birk and Coachteet(I had to at least try lol) though In the end i failed and as far as i see only HH's left are in M's city 4 and that is capped as well and i imagine will be drained soon, and congrates to Richy on the 16 cap and for sharing reports, Always a pleasure to see reports, I would have defiantly expected a bigger battle for the 16 kinda of a let down as i thought and expected a big fight, as soon as i found out is was capped i searched the honor list for someone with a big increase and didn't see it but i guess the cap is the important thing anyway.
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    Grats on the 16 Cap Richy
    Na1-Na27 (Retired)

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    Gratz guy's nice to see every talking NICE to each other ... **Looks around acer still here ? **Na not worth the flaming Also a couple caps coming from Sentinel caping 2 or 3 hc'S OF TORTUGA Didn't get mine hehehe Abandoned .
    Yes thats right this is horrible news from me as always ^^^
    Anyway doe's anyone know whats going on with facebook ? I hear evony is taking our ammies and speech text's away

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    Yes. Evony is taking our ammies and speech texts away.


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