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Thread: Someones warcity dying

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    Quote Originally Posted by .H0bbit View Post
    and as usual the forum idiots make the same dumbarse comments, wouldnt expect any less from u guys lol, if u could actually read a whole sentence and get its meaning without picking a story u would like to see from a simple statement u may actually understand it

    here is the simple point i was trying to make without saying it bluntly, SPOONERXD lost his warcity, and the rare opportunity i refer to since u cant comprehend simple english, is as follows, normally u send 1 attack from any distance and it auto truces, this time he had it set to truce at 95 and thought he was safe, 1st time in month or 2 any1 been able to send any attack and not have a truce instantly, so rare would be he didnt truce after 1 attack sent then recalled

    spooner is always keen to post his hits in forums, so i would assume he would be more then willing to post his def reports in here as well, theres no shame in losing some troops, they are only numbers, he will rebuild in a few days, like any1 with resources and a decent hero, i applaud spooner for obviously not sharing details at this time and being willing to leave his city open to be attacked, like any good warrior would do
    Trolls are going to troll.

    Congratulations on taking down the 'Battlemaster' though. (Actually didn't notice it was him)

    Even funnier when only a couple days ago he made a thread, laughing at how someone left their computer with their bot on...

    Quote Originally Posted by spooner1 View Post
    158 SpoonerXD Vs Jeremy

    For some reason he ported beside one of my cities and just farms NPCs.... he was nice enough to leave his bot on while he left his computer cause the original scout showed closed gates but they opened for my troops! How nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cushseth View Post
    These hits are not good.
    neither are u, but i never comment on that do i, so shh, keep your angry comments to yourself or just click another thread to vent on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tok3r View Post
    Trolls are going to troll.

    Congratulations on taking down the 'Battlemaster' though. (Actually didn't notice it was him)

    Even funnier when only a couple days ago he made a thread, laughing at how someone left their computer with their bot on...

    that was the point, yay, some1 picked up on it

    i was trying to be nice in the post, and not blatantly aiming abuse at spoonerxd, as none is necessary :-) but thats normally the route threads take, u make a simple thread, and the h8ters try turn it into a personal attack at some1, spooner lost his warcity, he will rebuild, there will be 100s more battles, so no1 lost, no1 came out on top, just this day he lost troops, tomorrow it will be some1 else, theres no need to make it personal like almost all on the threads try to do
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    He has been posting threads about beating down on offline players for a while now, was only a matter of time before the same happened to him.

    Good to see you try be nice about it.

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    I'm not a fanboy or anything, but I honestly find it hard to swallow that you took out a city as big as that initial SR and don't have a single good report to show for it. Were a lot of troops moved out? What happened? I don't buy the excuse that you attack a lot of people and lost the reports.

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    Well congrats too.... JagerBomb, Sin, Error, AngelEyes, Hobbit you did it.
    Cleared my war city again, took me all that time to make it since last time it was cleared
    (2 months ago)

    I have over 35 pages of reports. Ill go through them when I wake up just got home from a night out with the bros.

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    LOL how many people it takes to take you out you mate

    and H0bbit if your gunna do some thing fun hit spoon when he is online
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    Errror got a nice kill with the mech hit (always love to see rams dying), and grats to Jager for the raiding.

    That being said, the hit setups were not good, and the phract hit was terrible. Learn ratios and give a little thought instead of sending stock-standard hits that someone else told you about, or you saw in someone elses WR's.

    I do find it very hard to believe that hitting an offline city with that SR produced only these few hits though, that were deemed "good enough" to keep. Even if they were non-10% reports with zero honour and a crapload of XP.... that's something to feel warm and fuzzy about.
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    I only have 1 ADVICE for you hobbit:
    Try to use more troops. A good mix of phracts, cavs, pikes, swords with "jaq-layers" would do very good at killing the ponies here. Just practice a little to get the right main attack troops ratios, and you'll have some pretty amazing reports to show. Not to mention reports that no one seems to post on this forum. If you can pull that off, I'll +rep for sure.
    Anyway, it seems like you guys took down spooner - maybe he should lose his title... lol.

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    some of the best hits out there are ones you dont get to see


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