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    I recently just got my 15 set on Na38, i was number 10 for the hall of fame. It started to make me think, whats the quickest a player has achieved a 15 set in number of days? We have a record for taking Atlantis, so why not have a record for another huge achievement in the game.

    This can even be split up into two records. 1) Players that bought a majority of their suit, buying gems. 2) Players that farmed most of the gems, spending little to nothing on gems. *Obviously winning cents does not count against you*

    Every server is different. The more competitive servers will have a lot more players with 15 sets and probably were achieved a lot earlier in the game.

    On a side note, has any player got the 15 set and felt like something was missing? Its like the whole game you are gambling with stars, you hate it, but you love it. Then one day you achieve it, but miss the feelings that come along with stars. Maybe i just have a gambling problem. Haha

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    I'm not sure... Somewhere probably.


    Fastest I've ever seen was Davos on na43, 23 days. My highest set has only ever been 9 though (not a huge coiner).

    EDIT: Pretty sure the gems were bought.

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    i have seen a few 15 sets within a month for sure. its possible with large amounts of coin

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    His name has slipped my mind at the moment but on Na40 he had a 15 set in like a week or 2 if i remember right. though im pretty sure he ended up getting banned for something.
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    na41 CG he got his 15 set like the 1st or 2d week

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    Teacher was the banned player on na40 I guess evony doesnt like charge backs. It took CG two weeks on na41 I believe.


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